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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Taper in progress!!

Thanks amigo for the push to post.

So the last few day's have been nice, just chill'n. But before that I was putting in some good weeks of training, did a lot of climbing through out the week. I was putting in about 25000 feet a week, just to get ready for all the climbing for the race. Know that the body is all good to go and all the fatigue is gone I think Im ready to kick some ass at the 24 hour race this weekend. I feel good and ready. There will be a lot of good compition there but my only fear is myself really. I say that because it's usually myself thats kick's my own ass. So I have to keep a level head and stay in my own zone. If I can do this and keep it steady and strong intel day break the next day I will be in a good spot. Where that will be? Who knows. But as long as I can finish the race and finish healthy I'll be good with that.
The wife and I talk last night about nutrition and what I wanted to eat and what drink mix did I have in mind. I am going to be aiming for 3000-600 calories an hour is my goal. Mix it up with Carb Boom Electrolite mix, SPiz, and energy bars, chips, coke, and what ever else sounds good. I have a plan to have pancakes and eggs early morning. I will try to stay mostly liquid for the first 4-8 hours being that my intensity is real high and its hard to eat solids when my heart rate is so high, so when it levels off some I will start to eat more solid food.
My rides are all ready to go and are going to be real fast. There all washed and polished and ready to rip up some dirt.
I have been packing up the new motor home I bought three weeks ago. A 1988 winabago super chief! I m looking forward after the race to take it out camping. I will be heading to the race sight tonight to set up my solo pit and park the motor home in its spot for the next few day's. I have'nt decided if Im staying out there friday or not.