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Sunday, October 28, 2007

New ride route

When I see this picture I think of a watermelon for some reason

I find it hard to find new routes here in Monterey county without having to drive about an hour south or north of my house. So I decided to ride over to East pinnacles and take the sinic route on the Santa cruz Blur. It eneded being 6.5 hours long. When i got the Pinnacles park i hit a trail that headed south(bikes prohibited) on a very unused trail I knew this trail ended up to the back side of Topo Ranch. 50,000 acres big, all to myself. Well except for the cow here and there. I think Im the only moun tain ever to ride this ranch. I was also suprised I didn't see one deer.

Monday, October 22, 2007

After another weekend out of town I am really missing being home. But on the other hand it has given me different areas to ride the bike. This weekend was spent in Placeville. I really like that area. A lot of hills and scenery. Really close to tahoe. Well thats all I got.

I was thinking about how all these bloggers wright and post pictures everyday. I wonder how they do that. It's tuff more me. It seems that my blog suffers a lot.

Well its time to get a plan together for racing 2008. I have some good news and will post about it as soon as I get everything together. I will say it calls for out of state races, thats all Im going to say though intel its finalized.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall is here

So I went to Woodland, my home town,over the weekend. Its always nice to go somewhere different to ride. Although its very flat in Yolo County. But I get to check out all the old fishing grounds where I grew up casting my shimano real. Know Im turning circle with my shimano gear.
Im glad fall is here. This time of the year my bike rides are so slow even grandma could pass me on the road. Well not that bad but it feels like it. Just now power!

Spent 4 hours in the rain on Saturday and not once did I think about turning around. All my training know is do what I feel like. Like this morning, I felt like sleeping in and I did. If I don't feel like working out i don't. Although I hope this don;t come to work against me starting next season. I here people do this but it's all knew to me. I use to just hammer all the time any time of the year. It has worked well for the last few years but I feel I need something different. Maybe get back to putting the shimano toy's in my hand on not clipped into it with my feet.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can't get enough of wild life in the country

I bet you didn't think Soledad could produce scenes like this.

Things are looking good again to be pain free in my knee finaly. I went for a three hour mtb ride last night after work and it didn't hurt after words. I still feel a little tingle every once in while but getting a lot better. I don't plan on testing it at this piont though, or do anyspeed work, or a 10,000 feet bike rides. But I will keep thing going they way they are, just steady and what ever I feel like without to any pressure.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Vacation Time

So for our vacation this year we decided to pack up the RV ( recreational vehicle) and head to Yosimite for a week. We stayed at Indian Flat RV park, next to Merced River off HWY 140. It was 9 miles from the main gate to the park entrance. The closest place I could find with full hook ups. It seemed to take almost all day to get there after stopping for grociers and last minute stuff. But we arrived on Friday evening to a nice big river and a lot of pines tree's. Yosimite Valley was awesome, so many hiking/running trails and all altitude. The Yosimite floor was at 4000' elevation. But everywhere we went would top out at 9000'. SO most morning I would ride to where we were going and the wife would meet me there so we could walk around and do some sight seeing. The views were just incredible. One day we went to Galcier Piont. It over looked the Valley floor. You were standing in front of Half Dome and El Capitan mountain.

This is pic of the first long ride while I was there. It ended up being 4 hour ride. And I never got out of the small ring up front. This was the ride to glacier piont. Started out at 3500' elevation and toped out 9000'. Talk about oxigen deprivation

This picture was on top of half dome. I ran up to the back side and climbed to the top. It was 4 hour long run. I was totally wiped out after that for 4 day's. All I could to was hoble the next day.

This was the Vernal waterfall on the way back.