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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall is here

So I went to Woodland, my home town,over the weekend. Its always nice to go somewhere different to ride. Although its very flat in Yolo County. But I get to check out all the old fishing grounds where I grew up casting my shimano real. Know Im turning circle with my shimano gear.
Im glad fall is here. This time of the year my bike rides are so slow even grandma could pass me on the road. Well not that bad but it feels like it. Just now power!

Spent 4 hours in the rain on Saturday and not once did I think about turning around. All my training know is do what I feel like. Like this morning, I felt like sleeping in and I did. If I don't feel like working out i don't. Although I hope this don;t come to work against me starting next season. I here people do this but it's all knew to me. I use to just hammer all the time any time of the year. It has worked well for the last few years but I feel I need something different. Maybe get back to putting the shimano toy's in my hand on not clipped into it with my feet.

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