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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

what a time laps between post.. Like I fell of the edge of the earth but have worked my way back up. Posting always seemed like a hassle. Call me lazy I guess.

My training has been going good. Nothing to earth shattering but keeping it steady. I rest when I need to and nothing to long. I'm around the 15-20 hour range right know. Keeping my heart rate low and trying too build on my fitness from last year.

I rode this morning, was on the bike at 4am. too the gym for some weight work then road to work, 9 miles. Si if I happen to skip my afternoon workout at least I started the day of good, witch will more than likely happen. My wife Say's I'm addicted to Law and Order know. I think she's right, seems like all I watch anymore.

I have been walking with the wife on the weekend in the early morning a lot. Keeps me busy and from training to much, the wife likes it a lot too because she gets to see me a lot, I feel bad for her too have to spend that much time with me though, what is she thinking. But it is real nice though. We went on a 5 hour hike at the pinnacles last weekend (10miles), I was proud of her for not complaining at all. I think she is hooked. Although I she think is was my intention on going that far but it wasn't. It is amazing how much stuff I miss when running and biking so fast.