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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where did all the motivation go?

Seems like my training is frozen in time. Cant seem to find it anywhere to do anything extraordinary or exiting. The motivation just isn't there. No I'm not lazy! Well maybe a little. Okay dammit a lot lazy these day's. Feels like hibernation time has come. I am looking forward to the first rain ride. Maybe even another snow ride this year if nature so intend to so.

So last night all I could muster up was 14 jars of home made Grape jam. About wore me out. I wonder if I can consider it a recovery workout. Smashing grapes is no walk in the park! I think I went anaerobic a couple of times:) I'll have to wear my heart rate monitor next time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

year 2007 overview

As I think about everything that has happend this year (2007) in a perspective of how my perfomance and or life living has gone. Ealry in the years I had set goals of where I wanted to be.

1. Be a good husband
2. Win some races
3. Get in shape
4. loose some weight
5. Not get hurt
6. Be finatiolly sound at the end of the year. (basically dont be broke )

Allthough I ran thru some tuuf points thru out the year with physical burn out. It happend after my second 24 hour attempt this year in June. I just couldn't seem to get it together training wise. I just couldn't seem to finish any of my key workouts and began to de progress on my fitness at one point. Its real hard to keep a high volume week after week without the proper rest. Although it deosn't stop me from trying. Although I am getting better at doing more low intensity stuff. And that means not hitting hard every work out all year. I had good results in the beganing of the year with all low heart rate stuff.

The reason I wright about it know is that sometimes it takes me a while before I can look at the situation open minded without being to emtional or rational about it. When I have a bad day I always feel like I have to make up for it someway or another to justify or top make me feel better.
I'm very thankful for having a loving and supportive wife. She encouranges me all the time and gives me great support in my training and racing.

I'll write more later

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner is served.

Looks like hunting season is officially over for me. I think this Buck might be my biggest one yet. 5 shot's later. The damage was done. 2 missed shot, 2 broken legs. And a neck shot that went through his head and out his

The best part was dragging him out of the canyon. Talk about max aerobic workout:)

Can you say Buck Burger!!!

This is what I've been doing in my off Time.
Sing alone with me..
you grab a line and I'll grab a pole hunny
you grab a line and I'll grab a pole babe
we all go down to the fishing hole
hunny babe and puppy!...dueet de deeee

We have puppy sun bathing, yes that is life vest on the dog (hilarious I know), and a smoking 120 horse power force engine in the back ground to push us around the lake at 40+ MPH

The deer were laughing at the puppy in the with the life vest on.

Here's what the deer were saying "Look at that Mom!, is that a bullit proof vest the dog is wearing, We got to get one of those for Daddy"

Here kitty kitty

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last night I am going to consider my official ride back to training again. I rode for 2 hours an although my knee started to hurt some I would off kept going if the temperasture didn't drop so much climbing up Gloria grade. I had arm and knee warmers on but after sweating some I got cold quick. So decided to turn back and go home. It was good long enough ride to know Im feeling better day by day. Even got up at 4 am to train for 2 hours before going to work. Did 1 hour running and 1 hour gym work. Feels good to be going back to training. ALthough it has been nice doing other stuff.

Only a few more day's left of deer season. I got 1 buck early in the season, lucky I guess. Becasuse I have been going regularly with no luck.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Days are fying by

It seems the day's are flying by now that it get dark early. I have'nt been much traing at all. I might of rode my bike a few times in the last few weeks. It is a well needed brake. The first week was tuff not riding, hell even the second week was tuff not riding. But After 5 years of hiting real hard Im tired. And I dont want to get burned out like I hear happens to a lot of endurance athlete's. Although I dont think that will happen, I like to ride to much. I have been constintly thinking of trainig and racing a lot, too much? Maybe. But its what I like to do. Plus you cant get good by sitting on your ass! But it has been hard these few weeks just chillin and doing other things. It's been good catching up on a lot of things and getting ready to train again. Its hard to turn the mind of and chil out for me. I just cant seem to sit still long enough. I can only managa about 10 minutes of doing nothing before I explode, I have always been that way. I have to be doing something. I will start up again in the next few day's. I might have one more race in me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fore Sale

2005 Santa Cruz Blur LT

Full XTR components

Disc Brakes

Monday, September 10, 2007


It's only been a week since the 24 race and Im feeling real good. Not only physically but mentally about the outcome. I did my best I could on that day and look forward to racing again. I know Im recovering good because I already want to start riding and training again. Again thats good for me. I did a three hour ride on Sunday and still have a lot of fatigue in the legs but felt good otherwise. I wasn't breaking any records out there just cruzing. I did some thinking on pacing and where mty heart rate was during the first hours of the race. Its so hard to look at my abilityi of what I can do and what I should be doing. I felt it was real high, a lot higher than I wanted it to be. Did it hinder my performance come early m0rning? who knows, there are so many variables. But I think it did have some effect on me.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

24 hours of Adrenilan Worlds Race Recap

Well it's finally over. And another 24 race in the books. I would have to say this was one of the most difficult races I have ever done on a bike. The temperatures were in the hundreds. People were dropping like flies out there. Even the elite riders were DNF. People were dehydrating only after 2 or 3 laps and stopping.

On these longer races I will tapper longer than normal. So I took about two weeks too get ready. In those two weeks I had low volume and very little intensity's. By noon on Saturday the temps were already in the 90's and climbing. I tried to start out slow but my heart rate went sky high the first few laps. I tried to get it down but there just wasn't enough cruising section to do that. I stayed focus on the job at hand, fuel hydrate and be smart. After the first few laps I caught Natt Ross. Witch shocked me, my first thought was I must be going to hard. So once I caught him I stayed with him until my derailleur shattered and my chain snapped in half. By the time I got going again he was gone and never seen Natt again until he passed me at 6 am the next morning. The first few laps are always tough for me. Then things will mellow out. But not this time. The temps were so hot it was hard to get enough fluids and calories without getting sick. But I managed to keep a constant 500 calories an hour the hole time. And tones of fluid. But in the end it just wasn't good enough for a top ten. Instead I came in 16th overall in the Elite Division. I'm very proud of that and will take it.

I want to thank my one and only Amanda (my wife) for all the help and support. My Mom's and Dad's. And my Aunt Nita for the cheers. And a big thanks for Chuck Martin for wrenching on the bikes. It wouldn't be possible without all of you. Thank YOu!

And a big thank you to all my sponsors: Santa Cruz Bikes, Granite Construction, Smith Optics, Hayes Disc Brakes, Fiberwise Pasta, Carb Boom, Sock Guy, and Fox Shoks. You guys all have awesome products that have help me get great results.