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Sunday, November 18, 2007

ride, run ride

thats what I did on Sunday. I rode to the pinnacles, ran for 2 hours and rode home. I didn't feel like traing all day. I figure I would be done by noon and get some stuff done around the house.

Nice day to be in the wilderness

You have eat to keep the energy going

Its all down hill from here

Let go legs, just a little longer


when things go according to plan

evrything seems to work out. Everything falls into place and your left with a feeling of great accomplishments.
I wish I could say that about this weekend. I set out to do a weekend of riding into the depths of the unknown to me. Not really but sound crazy! Long rides is nothing new to me, but this was something totally different. I attached 50 pounds of crap and a 13 lbs trailer to my rocket. After which sure didn't feel like one. My attampt at a multiple day riding over the weekend was cut short because of pilot error. I left my at 5:30 from my house friday night and was going to see how far I could ride before I needed to rest. I made it all the way to Panoche on Panoche rd. I was hungry, tired cold and wet and late. About 10:00. I worked out that morning also, so by now I had already 6 hours of riding.

I found a nice wide spot on the road and began to unload my pad for the the night. I got my food out, light, and the tent (well that what was suppose to be in it). I proceed to open the tent to find out that there was no tent in the bag, only tent poles, and a tent cover. One of them monents you just wish you could of caught my reaction on film. After settling down I figure I might as well make the best of it and see if I could get some sleep. I just in the sleeping bag and wraped myself in the tent cover. I fell asleep but woke up to wild pigs screaming of in the distance. I was freezing my ass off, cold as hell and by this time critters all over the place. It was almost midnight I made a decision to pack up and head home. I wasn't going to spend my weekend freezing my ass off. I got home around 4 am and called it good. The weekend didn't go as planned but I already I am determind to accomplish this ride. So if you do not exceed try and try again.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Saddle time

This is going to be my new ride for the weekend. Multiday trip.
My plan is too ride out toward Cleer Creek tonight, Set up camp and ride to New Idrea and onward to Los Gatos Creek Are and ride home Sunday. Oh ya I bought a bike traiklar that holds 70 pounds of crap. It hooks up too your bike and trails behind it like its not even there. At least intel you start to go up hill. I think my small ring will get some use finaly.

Monday, November 05, 2007

HWY 1 road trip

With all the awesome weather were having I thought I would tale advantage of it, Im glad I did. Here's a Lamborghini, what a sweet ride. Only in Carmel!

A back view before heading down hurican point

Awesome HWY 1 view, one of the many

Some Big Sur art?

Who would of ever thought there is a school for apple pie!

Friday, November 02, 2007

More fall blues

Ahhh man, I wish I didn't have to work all the time. Work has been real busy lately. Not to much training going on. I even slept in this morning. SO hopefully I can make myself productive this afternoon.

Trying to get a race schedule together, theres so many cool races out there I don't know what ones to choose from. I know I will trying to defend my 1st place title at Cool in May for sure. I could use another $1500.00 dollars. But who couldn't.