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Sunday, November 18, 2007

when things go according to plan

evrything seems to work out. Everything falls into place and your left with a feeling of great accomplishments.
I wish I could say that about this weekend. I set out to do a weekend of riding into the depths of the unknown to me. Not really but sound crazy! Long rides is nothing new to me, but this was something totally different. I attached 50 pounds of crap and a 13 lbs trailer to my rocket. After which sure didn't feel like one. My attampt at a multiple day riding over the weekend was cut short because of pilot error. I left my at 5:30 from my house friday night and was going to see how far I could ride before I needed to rest. I made it all the way to Panoche on Panoche rd. I was hungry, tired cold and wet and late. About 10:00. I worked out that morning also, so by now I had already 6 hours of riding.

I found a nice wide spot on the road and began to unload my pad for the the night. I got my food out, light, and the tent (well that what was suppose to be in it). I proceed to open the tent to find out that there was no tent in the bag, only tent poles, and a tent cover. One of them monents you just wish you could of caught my reaction on film. After settling down I figure I might as well make the best of it and see if I could get some sleep. I just in the sleeping bag and wraped myself in the tent cover. I fell asleep but woke up to wild pigs screaming of in the distance. I was freezing my ass off, cold as hell and by this time critters all over the place. It was almost midnight I made a decision to pack up and head home. I wasn't going to spend my weekend freezing my ass off. I got home around 4 am and called it good. The weekend didn't go as planned but I already I am determind to accomplish this ride. So if you do not exceed try and try again.

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