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Friday, June 29, 2007

Blood Results ar in

It turns out that the blood result were real good. There was nothing adnormal in the results. I did get wierd looks from the doctor when I told him about the 24 hour races. I didnt think he believed me at first.

Its been almost three weeks since the Laguna 24 (well 12 for me ) race and I have been starting to feel normal again. Still have some fatigue IO working thru but other wise I feel real good and no more chest pains. So I have been training but not as much as before and have cut down my volume for know. I need to get strong and healthy before attempting anything stupid. Im still sticking to my heart rate cap and do not go over that. Its real hard buit it will pay off huge in the long run. I will do tempo and long sustained work but will not go over the heasrt rate cap.

Watched the 24 SOlo race with Chris Etough working on his seventh World title. If you havent watch it you should. As a 24 hour racer I really dont get to see the other side of thing, so it was kind of cool to see what geos on in the pit. I had an IDea of what geo's on but it was an eye opener. I still have the Cd so If you wan to borow it let me know. Also one other thing I took away from the movie is when cris lost he said he has learned more from that race than anyother one, so It made me think about my LAguna seca races the last few years is that I learned a lot from those races. I just have to not repeat them.

I will be doing WOrld in September so that is my main focus for the next few months. Im going to race in the pro division so it will be cool to see where I land.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Change is alway's good

SOme of my afterthoughts on my less than stellar performance at LAguna Seca 24 hour race. Some many thoughts come to mind but I have narrowed it down. I had such a awesome race 5 weeks prior to this race. My pace was so fast I even impressed myself. I hit such a high peak for that race it was almost impossible to hold it. That was nor a bad thing or good but an observation to think about for the future. I think it would of been better nt to peak so high and instead have a more level peak. It took a tone of energy from me. Also I feel at this time my pace was to high in the beganing and burn all my fun cookies to soon. And not enough rest after the race 5 weeks ago. I always get this high from winning a race that I get to eager to hit it hard to soon.
It funny how thing have worked in the past but are not working at the moment. Things change and my training is going to have to change also to keep my results going. I am reading alot of differnet books at the moment and have come across some good infromatiion and things are making sence know. SO I hope I can take this knoledge into my second half of the season. I know there is no quick fix so this is going to takle some time. Change is always good and I ready.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lets see here, what I have been up too. REst, rest, rest. Its tuff for me just torest and relax. MOst people have a hard time getting motivated to exercise, BUT NOT ME!. Im just the opisite. I have a hard time just lounging around and not training at moch three, breaking the sound Thats just not what I want to do is kick back, but sometimes you just have too. So I have been watching T.V., sitting on my ass eating ice cream and stuff I usually dont get to do. Letting the mind rest and try not to think about training or racing. Although its pretty hard. So in my off time here doesnt really mean I get to sit on my ass all the time. Over the weekend got to explore the outer world I live in. I went to IKea to get some book shelves and new computer desk. WOW! what a place. The reason its so cheap is that you have to assemble the stuff when you get home. It comes with all the screws and hard ware but you have too put it together, wich is fine with me. So I built 10 book shelves, and 1 computer desk. Plus also I build three bike rackes for the garage. So this off time I have been trying is pretty cool after all, but I cant get used to it yet, I still got more kicking ass to do in a few months. So I will be back at it by next week turning the peddles once again.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time for reflecting...

Amanda here. You know, sometimes it can be a good thing to stop and take stock. To reflect on where you have been and what you have learned. It's nice to see Brian doing that right now. DNFing a race will make you do that I suppose. So I think it's important to remember what we've learned in the last five years and nine 24 hour events that Brian has here's my list of lessons learned...

1. Always have fun. Always. That is what these races are about. The first 24 hour race thought us that. Well, I should say that Dave Smith taught us that. He introduced Brian to his first 24 Hours of Adrenaline event back in May 2002 @ Laguna Seca where he raced a 5 man team for Granite. Seems soooooo long ago now, doesn't it? My how things have changed. I still remember how burned that Brian was that Dave was pulling faster laps than him all while Dave was going up against his 24 beers in 24 hours goal. Yep, it was all about having a good time out there! :)

2. It's as much about the competition as it is about having fun. The second 24 Hours of Adrenaline Race, May 2003 @ Laguna Seca, Brian sweet-talked Miles Wadsworth into racing a two-man team with him. As I recall, at this point, Brian was still thinking those solo guys were "absolutely nuts." ha ha ha ;) It was all about working hard with a good riding buddy and friend for bragging rights. Miles and Brian both worked hard and pulled out a well-deserved second place with 27 laps that year.

3. Always push the edge of the envelope. It wasn't enough to do it once. It never will be. It's about setting goals, reaching them and making newer even more ridiculous goals! In May 2004, Miles and Brian came back to beat their finish from the prior year and win first at 24 Hours of Adrenaline @ Laguna Seca. None of us were disappointed when they met their goal and won a first place that year!

4. Dream big - you never know what you may accomplish. There was that time where Brian shook his head and said those solo guys were crazy. He may deny it now, but he did - I still remember. :) In May 2005, Brian raced his first year solo at 24 Hours of Adrenaline @ Laguna Seca and he rode hard through that race like it was nothing. We had no idea what to expect, but wow was I impressed. Not only did he do it, he won his first time out on his own. What a difference a few years can make! What an amazing lesson to learn - no dream is too big if you just set your sights on it and go for it.

5. Nutrition is key, so don't get behind yourself. A hard learned lesson indeed. One learned with Brian's first DNF in May 2006 at 24 Hours of Adrenaline @ Laguna Seca. In retrospect today, we knew so little. It really can happen to anyone at anytime. Your stomach just won't cooperate. You're less than your best. There isn't much you can do except be mindful not to get behind. Definitely something we remember and it permanently changed the path of what we do to support Brian from the pit.

6. You can't plan for everything. This includes tornados, disasterous rain, ridiculously bad maps, SuperWalmarts, missed flights - all compliments of the Wisconsin 24 Hours National Championships near Wausau Wisconsin, July 2006. By far one of the most bizarre experiences of our lives - one that will never be topped. At least we hope. But that's the whole point, you simply cannot plan for the unexpected like that...

7. Hard work eventually pays off, as does good planning. After a couple of tough races, all the work and planning that those tough races provoked, paid off. BIG. And resulted in winning the 30-34 age group category at the World Championships of the 24 Hours of Adrenaline @ Conyers, Georgia last year. It wasn't a flawless race, but it was close.

8. Nothing beats having lots of support and a good attitude. Brian always races with a good attitude and we always try to maintain one in the pit. You're only as good as your weakest link or so they say. The Coolest 24 @ Cool California this May was awesome, but I think we learned that it is all about having a positive attitude and making that a priority. It's also nice to have family and friends to cheer you on, isn't it?!

9. And last, but not least, the most important lesson to date? Recovery time is crucial. Brian thought he had learned this lesson when he had to DNF his Florida Ironman last November 13 miles short of finishing the run with qualifying for Worlds in his grasp. This following after only 4 short weeks of rest from his 24 Hour win @ Conyers, Georgia. Five weeks isn't much different than four I suppose. Recovering from the race is still a lesson Brian is learning. It's hard for me to speculate what he needs - how much time, how much rest. It's just not built into him to take it easy. Now his body isn't giving him a choice about it. It should be interesting to see how this affects the future. At this point, I couldn't say, but I can tell him I hope he figures this out soon cause I hate seeing him struggle through this!

All I know is that each race takes it's toll, good or bad. Each race a lesson was definitely learned and it only served to improve his racing, his attitude, his outlook on life. I hope to look back on this post at some point later this year or next and be able to say that this last and newest lesson was finally learned. Until then, at least some stuff will get done around the house and we'll get the quality time together that we've been missing! ;)

Monday, June 11, 2007

24 hours of Adrenilan Race Recap

This weekend was sure to be put in my record books, and not in a good way at all. And a weekend definitely not to be repeated.

Everything started out real good. Got up Early Saturday morning so ready to race. I felt real good and was ready to ride my ass off. I ate a huge breakfast, loaded up the truck and off we went. I had a huge support of family and friends. Witch is so cool. After setting everything up it was time for the race meeting at 9 am and the race started at 10 am. Well we were off racing, I tried to stay out front for the run and to get on the trail in the front off the pack so I can stay out of trouble. After about the the third lap I really started to feel really weird. I know for me sometimes this will pass and go away. I had major pain in my chest and my breathing wasn't the same as in the past. I could understand this feeling after 20 hours of racing but not only 3-4 hours into the race. I kept going hoping it would pass and tried to work through it but it just got worse. Yuri Hauswald and I at this point we changing leads a lot. Yuri would come in front of me and then I would come in front of Yuri. Yuri was real strong this race and I knew he was really shooting for the win. After about 8 hours I ended up getting a small gap on Yuri, but things were getting even worse with my pain and breathing and wasn't looking very good. I tried to keep upbeat about it and also keep real about it. I was going to go Intel I couldn't go anymore without killing myself, hopefully. After the second night lap everything turned to shit! My breathing became very erratic and the pain in my chest grew so intensely I had to stop and walk to the first aid station and catch a ride to the start/finish line where the pit was. When I got back to the pit and laid down my breathing and pain wasn't going away. Thank god I had such a wonderful and caring wife because she wanted to have me looked at by the EMT just to make sure I was okay. Every seemed to be okay with my EKG"s ( what ever that was), but took the ambulance ride to the hospital to get blood work and check everything out just to make sure everything was okay. The blood work came back negative for heart enzymes in the blood when having a heart attack. SO I just over exerted myself way to much. I'm not sure of the cause yet, there are so many variables to go over and think about. So that's what I will be doing over the next few rest weeks. I really hate the DNF monster but it's part of racing, you win some and you loose some. I'm not going to get all depressed like before and I will just chalk it up to a learning experience and move on. I am still sad about it because I have such a wonderful wife (Amanda, I love you) and family and friends support I wanted to do real good for them. So I am a little sad for that. In a way it kind of feels like I let them down. But I feel I gave it 110% and very happy with that. Right know I'm just going to to make any quick decision about anything until the fog clears out of my head and take a break. Again like I said there are so many variables to look at and will go over them the next few weeks and go from there.
I do want to thank my family and friends for there support and good words of encouragement. I just wish I did better for you all. Thanks again!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The big taper

My taper is in full swing. Last week I was so worried and nervous. I had all kinds of weird aches and pains all over my body. I thought I was falling apart. But this week is a lot better and everything is comming together. I rode last night and felt very strong and fast. Rest period does wonders for the body. As I going throught this rest phase before the big day, I always look back at all the training and realize how much work was done, and how on the verge of over training I get. I know I train way to much sometimes but really realize during weeks like this. SOmetimes I dont know how to act without all kinds of pain. Everyday I have to fight not to go out and hammer away. Its like my body is going through adrenilan withdrawls. Only a few more day's left and I can rip it up. The days have been nice though, only an hour or so a day of training. Feels weird though. But in the bigger picture I know I cant keep training like I have been and have good results at the big races. I will not do anything but rest and get the bikes ready on thursday and Friday.