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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lets see here, what I have been up too. REst, rest, rest. Its tuff for me just torest and relax. MOst people have a hard time getting motivated to exercise, BUT NOT ME!. Im just the opisite. I have a hard time just lounging around and not training at moch three, breaking the sound Thats just not what I want to do is kick back, but sometimes you just have too. So I have been watching T.V., sitting on my ass eating ice cream and stuff I usually dont get to do. Letting the mind rest and try not to think about training or racing. Although its pretty hard. So in my off time here doesnt really mean I get to sit on my ass all the time. Over the weekend got to explore the outer world I live in. I went to IKea to get some book shelves and new computer desk. WOW! what a place. The reason its so cheap is that you have to assemble the stuff when you get home. It comes with all the screws and hard ware but you have too put it together, wich is fine with me. So I built 10 book shelves, and 1 computer desk. Plus also I build three bike rackes for the garage. So this off time I have been trying is pretty cool after all, but I cant get used to it yet, I still got more kicking ass to do in a few months. So I will be back at it by next week turning the peddles once again.

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