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Friday, June 29, 2007

Blood Results ar in

It turns out that the blood result were real good. There was nothing adnormal in the results. I did get wierd looks from the doctor when I told him about the 24 hour races. I didnt think he believed me at first.

Its been almost three weeks since the Laguna 24 (well 12 for me ) race and I have been starting to feel normal again. Still have some fatigue IO working thru but other wise I feel real good and no more chest pains. So I have been training but not as much as before and have cut down my volume for know. I need to get strong and healthy before attempting anything stupid. Im still sticking to my heart rate cap and do not go over that. Its real hard buit it will pay off huge in the long run. I will do tempo and long sustained work but will not go over the heasrt rate cap.

Watched the 24 SOlo race with Chris Etough working on his seventh World title. If you havent watch it you should. As a 24 hour racer I really dont get to see the other side of thing, so it was kind of cool to see what geos on in the pit. I had an IDea of what geo's on but it was an eye opener. I still have the Cd so If you wan to borow it let me know. Also one other thing I took away from the movie is when cris lost he said he has learned more from that race than anyother one, so It made me think about my LAguna seca races the last few years is that I learned a lot from those races. I just have to not repeat them.

I will be doing WOrld in September so that is my main focus for the next few months. Im going to race in the pro division so it will be cool to see where I land.

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