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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Change is alway's good

SOme of my afterthoughts on my less than stellar performance at LAguna Seca 24 hour race. Some many thoughts come to mind but I have narrowed it down. I had such a awesome race 5 weeks prior to this race. My pace was so fast I even impressed myself. I hit such a high peak for that race it was almost impossible to hold it. That was nor a bad thing or good but an observation to think about for the future. I think it would of been better nt to peak so high and instead have a more level peak. It took a tone of energy from me. Also I feel at this time my pace was to high in the beganing and burn all my fun cookies to soon. And not enough rest after the race 5 weeks ago. I always get this high from winning a race that I get to eager to hit it hard to soon.
It funny how thing have worked in the past but are not working at the moment. Things change and my training is going to have to change also to keep my results going. I am reading alot of differnet books at the moment and have come across some good infromatiion and things are making sence know. SO I hope I can take this knoledge into my second half of the season. I know there is no quick fix so this is going to takle some time. Change is always good and I ready.

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