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Monday, June 11, 2007

24 hours of Adrenilan Race Recap

This weekend was sure to be put in my record books, and not in a good way at all. And a weekend definitely not to be repeated.

Everything started out real good. Got up Early Saturday morning so ready to race. I felt real good and was ready to ride my ass off. I ate a huge breakfast, loaded up the truck and off we went. I had a huge support of family and friends. Witch is so cool. After setting everything up it was time for the race meeting at 9 am and the race started at 10 am. Well we were off racing, I tried to stay out front for the run and to get on the trail in the front off the pack so I can stay out of trouble. After about the the third lap I really started to feel really weird. I know for me sometimes this will pass and go away. I had major pain in my chest and my breathing wasn't the same as in the past. I could understand this feeling after 20 hours of racing but not only 3-4 hours into the race. I kept going hoping it would pass and tried to work through it but it just got worse. Yuri Hauswald and I at this point we changing leads a lot. Yuri would come in front of me and then I would come in front of Yuri. Yuri was real strong this race and I knew he was really shooting for the win. After about 8 hours I ended up getting a small gap on Yuri, but things were getting even worse with my pain and breathing and wasn't looking very good. I tried to keep upbeat about it and also keep real about it. I was going to go Intel I couldn't go anymore without killing myself, hopefully. After the second night lap everything turned to shit! My breathing became very erratic and the pain in my chest grew so intensely I had to stop and walk to the first aid station and catch a ride to the start/finish line where the pit was. When I got back to the pit and laid down my breathing and pain wasn't going away. Thank god I had such a wonderful and caring wife because she wanted to have me looked at by the EMT just to make sure I was okay. Every seemed to be okay with my EKG"s ( what ever that was), but took the ambulance ride to the hospital to get blood work and check everything out just to make sure everything was okay. The blood work came back negative for heart enzymes in the blood when having a heart attack. SO I just over exerted myself way to much. I'm not sure of the cause yet, there are so many variables to go over and think about. So that's what I will be doing over the next few rest weeks. I really hate the DNF monster but it's part of racing, you win some and you loose some. I'm not going to get all depressed like before and I will just chalk it up to a learning experience and move on. I am still sad about it because I have such a wonderful wife (Amanda, I love you) and family and friends support I wanted to do real good for them. So I am a little sad for that. In a way it kind of feels like I let them down. But I feel I gave it 110% and very happy with that. Right know I'm just going to to make any quick decision about anything until the fog clears out of my head and take a break. Again like I said there are so many variables to look at and will go over them the next few weeks and go from there.
I do want to thank my family and friends for there support and good words of encouragement. I just wish I did better for you all. Thanks again!


Amanda Sevall said...

I'm very proud of you! You work so hard and no matter how you are feeling, you give it your all. You're an all or nothing racer - you are in the race to win it and you push the edge all the time. I'm always in awe of your ability to go out there and do these types of races. No disappointment from me this time or any other time - I know you did your best and you'll continue to do your best. Love you lots!

yuri hauswald said...

Brian, you're a warrior and it was great battling with you-sorry you had to pull out. I wish you a speedy recovery. I know you will come back stronger. Thanks again for offering me the #1 plate. Eat, sleep and get better. Best wishes, Yuri

Norman said...

Hi Brian,

I want to congratulate you on a great race! I was worried when you mentioned during the race that you had chest pain and I'm glad that you made the right decision to pull out and have it examined. These races are supposed to be fun and challenging, but they are not worth dying over. I wish you a speedy recovery. Give me a call, so we can chat.


ed said...

Brian, gald to know your well!!I REALLY ENJOYED THE PAIN THIS PAST WEEKEND!!I really learned alot from this event.I plan to buld from it and improve.I'll take your advice and chill for a few weeks.(My legs are really sore)It's funny, I look back and think what i could of done and learn I guess. BUT I WILL!I know it's going to take,PAIN,SACRFICE,AND OLD FASHION HARD WORD WORK TO SWIM WITH THE SHARKS!!I Know I can do it!I'm going train hard and have fun doing it!!JUst want to be the BEST I CAN BE!!Dude, you Set a great example...Please thank Chuck for helping out!!Thanks Dude......ED