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Monday, July 10, 2006


Not much to report over the weekend. Have been work'n alot latlely so my training has been slow. Had to work on Saturday so didnt do to much. 1 hour run before work and 2 hour on the road bike after work. I was pretty tired after being on my feet all day at work. So the ride was just spinning to keep the legs loose. On Sunday I went to fort ord and road around on the trails for three hours on the Blur. Then went home and took a long nap before watching the Tour De FRance time trail. I was disappionted Hincapie lost so much time, I was hoping he would do better. Gearning up for the Marathon MTB race on Thursday. I'll be taking it easy this week. Just doing half of what I would usually do. Then it will be a 2 week focuse for 24 hour Nationals, its going to be a tuff field. Alot of big dogs will be there. But I shall give them a run for there money and do my best. I will be be ripping up the field with both Santa Cruz Blurs. Thats all folks..

Friday, July 07, 2006


Last night I did a 45 minute swim. 300, 200, 3x300, 4x50 hard, 2x300, all in meters. Then jumped on the raod bike and did a 2 3/4 hour ride. Some intervals and a little bit of hill work. I have been pretty toasted since my epic ride on tuesday, so Its been all about recovery and alot of food and chocolate cookie time, mmmmmmmm good stuff. I will have to work on Saturday so I will try in get a good ride in on Sunday then rest up for Thursday's race.

Well it's official. I will be doing Infeon MTB Marathon race at the Sonoma race way on Thursday July 13th. This will be my last race before 24 hour National race in Wisconsin on July 30th. This will be my last hard workout before my final tunning for nationals.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Decided to my own stage race

I always get pump up during the Toue De France. These guy's are just so umbelievebly fit. The amount of pain they will go through is just amazing. I will tape the stages in the morning and watch them when I get home in the evening.

So I decided on Tuesday to do my own mountain stage race to get in some good miles for my upcoming 24 hour MTB National race at the end of July. I started from the house in Soledad and headed to San Juan Batista on the back roads. It was pretty chilly al morning. Ended up wearing knee warmers and arm warmers intel 11 a.m.. I was going to go up too Freemonts peak and back, then back up again and again. Three times to the top and back. I was trying to do it for times but ran out of time. I didnt feel like getting home at dark. The climb is 9 miles long and the elevation gain is about 2500-3000 feet. It has a few steep parts about 17% grade but are not verry long. It took me 53-55 milutes to get to the top from where the concrete pavement ends at the bottom. The 3rd time up the hill hurt pretty bad. I even stopped part way up to catch my breath. I figure the milage was about 140-150 miles and 9.5 hours of riding. I felt really good on the way home. The best I ever remenber feeling after that much torture.