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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rest days are nice

Ya, once in a while we all need them, rest days, even though I always think I don't. So I had 2 rest day's and have been focusing on my recovery and taling it easy. I have been taking recover-ease to help and its been working wonderfully. Plus I have been eating my fiberwise pasta to replunish the glycogyn stores. I feel real good today and looking forward to the 3 day wekend to get in some good workouts. Im going to try and hit it hard , swim and 100+ miles a day on the bike and some running. The next few days will be short and just keeping thing going. The last three weeks have been great and feeling real strong on the bike.

Besides having to train in all three disceplines these days I have another project in betwwen all this. And that is to get me a buck deer or two for my freezer. This meat has got to be the best organic meat one can get anywhere. I usually get two a year so wish me luck.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cruising along

Haven't been feeling like writeing much. But I have been feeling really good lately. Trying not to overdue it so much. I hate that feeling of being wasted and not wanting to train. I dont mind it because Its kind of what has to happen in order to get stronger. Its when it sticks around for more than a week thats not good. So after a few weeks of trying to do my long run on Thursday and still riding long on Tuesday and the weekend has been working pretty good so far. I had to work all day Saturday so I did no training at all, well exercised my tummy, see how big I can get it in one night. I thought I did pretty well.

Sunday I decide to mountain bike over to HWY 25 of Gloria grade rd. 10 miles of paved rd and 30 miles dirt road. I have been noticing some dirt rd of the side and some cattle trails I've been eyeing for something different, so I might try those soon. Although I was thinking it is deer season and everybody is carrying guns so maybe not a good Idea to go expolring yet being it would be on private property. So 4 hours on the bike and of to the pool. My pool time was 1000 meters straight swim, main set: 400, 2x300, 400, 2x200, 2x100 fast, 400, 2x200, 2x100 fast, 5x200 paddles. A little over 1.5 hours. Im just trying to keep it steady and keepin it rolling along. I tend to overdo it alot on my pacing. Although fast is good but not all the time. Then of for my run. 2 mile warm up then 3x1 mile repeats @ 6:40 pace. Then of to the couch and one of my dinners yet. I had organic beef made in the oven with Vegtable juice, onions, cut up garlic, and water. I used the juice from the steak as my gravy. MAshed potatoes and some organic broccoli. It's was so good my wife Amanda requested it for our first anneversery as dinner. Thats all!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Things are back to normal

Well if you want to call it that, although I dont live the normal life. Acording to normal people I'm on the insain side of things. The definition of my normal life is training 25-35 hours a week swiming, biking, and running and putting in 45-55 hours of working.

On Saturday I went to Santa Cruz and did the road ride with Miles Wadsworth, Tom, Shain, ( this guy road with Lance Armstrong 10 years ago), Mike and about 40 other riders. The first part is all chatter, everybody catching up with everybody. After that the tempo will pick up some and the stronger guys are at the front and attacking on the small hills. I took my bike that has a power meter on it to kind of see how my fitness is comming along after my 24 hour race two weeks ago. I didn't expect to much being tired still. It was kind of nice once the group split, there wasn't so many riders so I was able to move to the front and do some tempo work. I'm always impressed at the power some of these guy's are putting out. I was pushing 375-450 watts on the small rollers and still had trouble keeping up without blowing my wad. About half way on a flat section everybody was pace linning and taking turns at tempo and boyond. I was able to do this for a few miles before I got blown off the back. Then we came to a couple mile climb and thats when the field really split. There were about 6 riders that took of and domalished everybody. I just tried to hold my own and hit it real hard. My buddy Miles kick my butt and took all I had to catch him, I did but not for long. It seemed Miles was on fire today and was killing me toward the end of the ride. There were three of us in the end working together to get back to Santa Cruz. And then there were two of us, not me though. I was toast and couldn't keep up and dropped of the back and just cruised back with my tail between my legs. Thank's for almost killing me Miles, I thought you were my friend Buddy. Although he did let me park in the driveway for the first time so that was cool, and also fed me afterwords. The ride was so hard I went home and laid on my butt the rest of the day.

Sunday: 8-13-2006
After yesterday I just wanted to ride. I jumped on the mountain bike and road over Gloria grade rd to Hwy 25 and back. 4 hours and about 45 miles. 45 minute swim. The swim was 3 x 400 ( 1st set just swim, 2nd was 25 drill 75 swim, 3rd set was 25 kick 75 swim), 16x100 on 1:45, 400 c/d. Then 3 mile run with 2x1600 at 6:40 mile pace. I was done by 1:00 and happy to have the rest of the day to kick back. I was disapointed though because couldn't find no texas hold'em on T.V.. What's up with that.

Monday: 8-14-2006

Sleep, work, came home and ate the house down, sleep, see wife for a few minutes. eat some more and off to bed....

Tuesday: 8-15-2006
Back in action today. I was up at 4:05 am, running by 4:10 and finshed at 5:20. Just ran with nothing special. Trying to work out the soreness from this weekend. Went to the gym for some upper body weights and core and stretching. So 30 minutes of resistance training.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday Run, and more on New sponsor....Fiber Wise.

I have been contiplating changing my schedule up some. My usual schedule is core, run, swim and a small bike ride on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And Tuesday and Thursday's are run and 3 hour bike rides. Weekends are 6-8 hours. So I'm going to try and replace my 3 hour ride on Thursday for a long run, 1.5-2.5 hour range. I just feel like something different. This week was the first trial and I liked it a lot. I'll keep everything else the same.

Looks like this Saturday I'm going to do the Santa Cruz ride starting in Santa Cruz and go to San Juan Batista and back, about 80 miles or so. Then ride around Santa Cruz some more to get in over 100. There is usually 25+ people that show up. So it will be a good day for some pain, or as Jeff Kerkove would say "Bleed your eyes out". So I'm really looking forward to riding with a group and see some of my friends:)

I have a review to give on my new sponsor, Fiber Wise Pasta. I got a pretty cool packet with a T-shirt, stickers and two of each product they sell, and also two weird looking piece that look like a flat don't made out of wetsuit material and don't know what its for. We think its very measuring pasta. Well after two weeks of trying different ways of cooking it I would have too give it 2 thumbs up. When first initially trying it it sure tasted different than normal pasta but I really like the taste know, plus the health benefits are the best, more fiber and more nutrients per serving than anything else out there. And being an endurance athlete and health food crazed maniac we need all the help we can get. SO there you go, go straight down to your local grocery store and try it out for yourself, and if they don't have it you can request it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Recovery well

So its been 11 days since 24 hour Nationals and Im feeling pretty good. I took a hole week of from anything structerd at all. I rode once later on in the week, but thats all. Its alwatys real hard to do nothing and think its going to be ok for me. I alweays feel like I should be out there hammering away, but i know I just cant do that. Maybe four years ago I could and get away with it but not today. Maybe cause Im older or just have the more experience than I did before. Plus I notice It takes a little longer to recover than 4 years ago.
Any way back to my regular traing schedual, Here's my training log, I will update it soon, Ive kind of been in transitiion here, charging the batteries before I take of on my second half of the season.. This week will somewhat lite, working 10-12 hours a day so it will be hard to hit the training to hard. Im going to race a 1/2 Ironman in Santa Cruz/ on September 10th. MOre lAter

Thursday, August 03, 2006

National thoughts

After a few more days rest, some more random thoughts have crossed my mind. And also rememdering some more stuff.

I got to meet Natt Ross, one of the more respected riders out there. This guys is very classy and has my most respect for someone who is very approachable. So if your reading this Natt thanks for being cool in my book, it was nice to talk to Natt and ask him some questions and just hang out with him.

Also I might have to rethink stratigies going into a race. My stratigy for this race was to conserve some energy for the end. But since the race got cancelled 3.5 hours earlier I wasnt able to past more riders in front of me. So next time I will have to pay more attention to the weather. But who ever thought they would cancel a 24 hour race, not me. I feel my nutrution and pace was right on track.

I cant believe how fast the pro's start out. It was impossible to keep up with them the first few laps. I would of blown up at that pace. I will have have to work on that. My next race will be World Championship age group in Gorgia on October 7th. My Aunt and Uncle live there so it will be nice to see them. Its been a long time since we got to hang out, so Im really looking forward to that.

Im starting to feel like training today, so will have to see how well I feel after work. BUt this is a good sign so early after the rest. I will keep taking my Recover Ease to get me back to my regular training schudual. This helps alot with a quick recovery.

The last few nights have been about 10-12 hours of sleep and try not to eat to much food. Its real hard though. And no exercising at all. Work has been tuff to stay awake through out the hole. I have been working 10.5 hour days since returning to work. Toaday was the first day I got to sleep in and that was nice.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

24 hour National Race report

I haven't been posting lately. It's always weird when tapering for my big races. I just seem just as busy or just don't feel like doing much at all. The race was on Saturday July 29th in Wausau Wisconsin. This was my first race out of state for Amanda and I, so there were a lot of first. Like shipping both bikes, gear, tools, clothing. It was a lot of stuff. I decided to ship one bike UPS and fly with the other, seemed my odds were better at least getting one bike there. When we got to the airport to fly out we checked in the bike, but what I found out is that they don't cover any cost if the bike is damaged. So I wont do that again.

Come race morning I was ready to get on my bike and rip it up. I was well rested and ready to go. We got to the 9 mile park in Wausau about 6:30 in the morning. Not to many other people awake yet. But we found a nice spot right next to the race course. We began to set up our area and that's when some nasty clouds starting to roll in. 45 minutes later were in a down pour for almost an hour. Luckily the guy next to use let me use his canopy to take shelter so Chuck could finish putting the bike together. By this time one bike was ready and registration was open. So I took a spin to get my stuff. The rain quit and thing were starting to dry out. Well time past and race was ready to start. So I got ready and headed over to the start line. The race started at 10 am with a short run and then jump on the bike and go like hell. After getting on my bike there was this girl who was also trying to get on her bike but was heading right for me and was going to take me out so I gave here a little push to get her going. Later I was told it looked like I was pushing her out of the way but I was not. She gave me a weird look like you A#$# %#$%. But I was just trying to help her get going with out taking me out. Well of on my first, as always everybody hit it hard and fast. I tried to stay with them but they were just to fast and I knew it was going to be a long night. And looking at my heart rate witch was 95% of my max, 170 BMP, I decided to let them go and stay with in a certain range. My plan was for this race was to be conservative intel the last 5 hours and then hammer away and start passing people. The course was awesome. A lot of ski trails with a lot of single trak that twisted thru the forrest. It was real tectnical with a lot of roots and rocks. You really had to time the rocks or you would hit them with your pedals. I can see why 29" whell ruled this course. On the 3 rd lap, like I planned was to start taking on food . I told Amanda this and to give me food even if I didn't want it. So when I cam in Amanda said here is a bagel, I said Im okay, then all off a sudden I got this look from here and the look said if you don't take this I will shove it down your throat, so with a smile I took it and ate it. I was using a 32 oz camel back and a 20 oz of Carb boom mix each lap. I tried to eat as much food as I could and drink a lot of fluids. I still felt really good going into my sixth lap. Nothing real exited happened the first ten hours. People were great out on he course, everybody was real considerate and moved over when you came up on them. By this time it was getting dark and it was time to get the lights on. Some time during the night I ended up hitting a tree with my shoulder, hurt like hell. My hands were starting hurt and everything else started to feel pain. But that's 24 hour racing and I was ready to tasake the pain to the end. Some time around 2 am I ended up with a rash around my but were it sits on the seat. I tried to lube it up with vasaline but to no avail it didn't work. So I ended up having to stand 80% of my laps standing to pedal, if it was trail was smooth enough I sit. But there wasn't much of that. I still felt okay and was ready to finish strong. I new the sun wasn't far away and if I could just make it intel then I new I would make it to the fininsh. Well around 4 am the rain clouds decided to move in and take over. Its started to rain and didn't never really quit. They stopped us around 6 am in hopes it would let up some so we could race again. About 6:45 they let us go again, why Im not sure. I came back to transition and went out again. The guys in front of me were starting to crack and I was gaining time. But half way thru my lap they stooped us and said the race was cancelled. Not only cancelled but they stooped it from 5:30 am. So I ended up with a 9th. Not bad really considering the field and only my 3rd 24 hour race. I would like to thank my one and only, Amanda for all you do for me, you were awesome. And would like to thank Chuck for coming all the way out from California also to help wrench on the bikes. I had the best pit crew ever. Thanks. I would like to also all my sponsor because I wouldn't of been there if it wasn't for all you guys and girls.