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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rest days are nice

Ya, once in a while we all need them, rest days, even though I always think I don't. So I had 2 rest day's and have been focusing on my recovery and taling it easy. I have been taking recover-ease to help and its been working wonderfully. Plus I have been eating my fiberwise pasta to replunish the glycogyn stores. I feel real good today and looking forward to the 3 day wekend to get in some good workouts. Im going to try and hit it hard , swim and 100+ miles a day on the bike and some running. The next few days will be short and just keeping thing going. The last three weeks have been great and feeling real strong on the bike.

Besides having to train in all three disceplines these days I have another project in betwwen all this. And that is to get me a buck deer or two for my freezer. This meat has got to be the best organic meat one can get anywhere. I usually get two a year so wish me luck.

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