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Thursday, August 03, 2006

National thoughts

After a few more days rest, some more random thoughts have crossed my mind. And also rememdering some more stuff.

I got to meet Natt Ross, one of the more respected riders out there. This guys is very classy and has my most respect for someone who is very approachable. So if your reading this Natt thanks for being cool in my book, it was nice to talk to Natt and ask him some questions and just hang out with him.

Also I might have to rethink stratigies going into a race. My stratigy for this race was to conserve some energy for the end. But since the race got cancelled 3.5 hours earlier I wasnt able to past more riders in front of me. So next time I will have to pay more attention to the weather. But who ever thought they would cancel a 24 hour race, not me. I feel my nutrution and pace was right on track.

I cant believe how fast the pro's start out. It was impossible to keep up with them the first few laps. I would of blown up at that pace. I will have have to work on that. My next race will be World Championship age group in Gorgia on October 7th. My Aunt and Uncle live there so it will be nice to see them. Its been a long time since we got to hang out, so Im really looking forward to that.

Im starting to feel like training today, so will have to see how well I feel after work. BUt this is a good sign so early after the rest. I will keep taking my Recover Ease to get me back to my regular training schudual. This helps alot with a quick recovery.

The last few nights have been about 10-12 hours of sleep and try not to eat to much food. Its real hard though. And no exercising at all. Work has been tuff to stay awake through out the hole. I have been working 10.5 hour days since returning to work. Toaday was the first day I got to sleep in and that was nice.

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