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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Things are back to normal

Well if you want to call it that, although I dont live the normal life. Acording to normal people I'm on the insain side of things. The definition of my normal life is training 25-35 hours a week swiming, biking, and running and putting in 45-55 hours of working.

On Saturday I went to Santa Cruz and did the road ride with Miles Wadsworth, Tom, Shain, ( this guy road with Lance Armstrong 10 years ago), Mike and about 40 other riders. The first part is all chatter, everybody catching up with everybody. After that the tempo will pick up some and the stronger guys are at the front and attacking on the small hills. I took my bike that has a power meter on it to kind of see how my fitness is comming along after my 24 hour race two weeks ago. I didn't expect to much being tired still. It was kind of nice once the group split, there wasn't so many riders so I was able to move to the front and do some tempo work. I'm always impressed at the power some of these guy's are putting out. I was pushing 375-450 watts on the small rollers and still had trouble keeping up without blowing my wad. About half way on a flat section everybody was pace linning and taking turns at tempo and boyond. I was able to do this for a few miles before I got blown off the back. Then we came to a couple mile climb and thats when the field really split. There were about 6 riders that took of and domalished everybody. I just tried to hold my own and hit it real hard. My buddy Miles kick my butt and took all I had to catch him, I did but not for long. It seemed Miles was on fire today and was killing me toward the end of the ride. There were three of us in the end working together to get back to Santa Cruz. And then there were two of us, not me though. I was toast and couldn't keep up and dropped of the back and just cruised back with my tail between my legs. Thank's for almost killing me Miles, I thought you were my friend Buddy. Although he did let me park in the driveway for the first time so that was cool, and also fed me afterwords. The ride was so hard I went home and laid on my butt the rest of the day.

Sunday: 8-13-2006
After yesterday I just wanted to ride. I jumped on the mountain bike and road over Gloria grade rd to Hwy 25 and back. 4 hours and about 45 miles. 45 minute swim. The swim was 3 x 400 ( 1st set just swim, 2nd was 25 drill 75 swim, 3rd set was 25 kick 75 swim), 16x100 on 1:45, 400 c/d. Then 3 mile run with 2x1600 at 6:40 mile pace. I was done by 1:00 and happy to have the rest of the day to kick back. I was disapointed though because couldn't find no texas hold'em on T.V.. What's up with that.

Monday: 8-14-2006

Sleep, work, came home and ate the house down, sleep, see wife for a few minutes. eat some more and off to bed....

Tuesday: 8-15-2006
Back in action today. I was up at 4:05 am, running by 4:10 and finshed at 5:20. Just ran with nothing special. Trying to work out the soreness from this weekend. Went to the gym for some upper body weights and core and stretching. So 30 minutes of resistance training.

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