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Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday Run, and more on New sponsor....Fiber Wise.

I have been contiplating changing my schedule up some. My usual schedule is core, run, swim and a small bike ride on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And Tuesday and Thursday's are run and 3 hour bike rides. Weekends are 6-8 hours. So I'm going to try and replace my 3 hour ride on Thursday for a long run, 1.5-2.5 hour range. I just feel like something different. This week was the first trial and I liked it a lot. I'll keep everything else the same.

Looks like this Saturday I'm going to do the Santa Cruz ride starting in Santa Cruz and go to San Juan Batista and back, about 80 miles or so. Then ride around Santa Cruz some more to get in over 100. There is usually 25+ people that show up. So it will be a good day for some pain, or as Jeff Kerkove would say "Bleed your eyes out". So I'm really looking forward to riding with a group and see some of my friends:)

I have a review to give on my new sponsor, Fiber Wise Pasta. I got a pretty cool packet with a T-shirt, stickers and two of each product they sell, and also two weird looking piece that look like a flat don't made out of wetsuit material and don't know what its for. We think its very measuring pasta. Well after two weeks of trying different ways of cooking it I would have too give it 2 thumbs up. When first initially trying it it sure tasted different than normal pasta but I really like the taste know, plus the health benefits are the best, more fiber and more nutrients per serving than anything else out there. And being an endurance athlete and health food crazed maniac we need all the help we can get. SO there you go, go straight down to your local grocery store and try it out for yourself, and if they don't have it you can request it.

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