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Monday, August 21, 2006

Cruising along

Haven't been feeling like writeing much. But I have been feeling really good lately. Trying not to overdue it so much. I hate that feeling of being wasted and not wanting to train. I dont mind it because Its kind of what has to happen in order to get stronger. Its when it sticks around for more than a week thats not good. So after a few weeks of trying to do my long run on Thursday and still riding long on Tuesday and the weekend has been working pretty good so far. I had to work all day Saturday so I did no training at all, well exercised my tummy, see how big I can get it in one night. I thought I did pretty well.

Sunday I decide to mountain bike over to HWY 25 of Gloria grade rd. 10 miles of paved rd and 30 miles dirt road. I have been noticing some dirt rd of the side and some cattle trails I've been eyeing for something different, so I might try those soon. Although I was thinking it is deer season and everybody is carrying guns so maybe not a good Idea to go expolring yet being it would be on private property. So 4 hours on the bike and of to the pool. My pool time was 1000 meters straight swim, main set: 400, 2x300, 400, 2x200, 2x100 fast, 400, 2x200, 2x100 fast, 5x200 paddles. A little over 1.5 hours. Im just trying to keep it steady and keepin it rolling along. I tend to overdo it alot on my pacing. Although fast is good but not all the time. Then of for my run. 2 mile warm up then 3x1 mile repeats @ 6:40 pace. Then of to the couch and one of my dinners yet. I had organic beef made in the oven with Vegtable juice, onions, cut up garlic, and water. I used the juice from the steak as my gravy. MAshed potatoes and some organic broccoli. It's was so good my wife Amanda requested it for our first anneversery as dinner. Thats all!

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Amanda said...

I look forward to that dinner too! SOOOO good! :) PS - Glad you realized its deer season before you go off gloria grade to ride deer trails....don't want you getting shot at ;)