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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The last three years have been a major change for me in my diet and what I eat. I read this book on Trans fat that change my life and what I would eat. I feel better, dont get heart anymore, and even look heathier. It amazes me how stuff like this isd allowed to be put in our food. The stuff with kill you. My understanding is that it origanaly was made back during world war II to help food last longer without spoiling. And it amazes me that the FDA has let this tuff exist in our foods nowing how unhealthy it was, and this was known for aty least 30 years ago. Thanks FDA, ( freeking bone heads ). Just this year the hole city of Knew York city has ban Trans FAt, and there is a hole state that has banned this stuuf. Know Universal studios has banned it also, this is real cool. I remeber when I first started to cut this stuff out, I went throught the pantry to throw everything out that had it in it and was shocked at how much of the food had it in it. My cubbords were empty. I must of had $200.00 worth of crap food. Well its good to know that what I have been doing was write on, everybody thought I was crazy for telling everybody for years, I hope they listen know.

ON another note about food and my switch to an almost all Friut and vegtable diet has been real good. I do noticed its hard to get full sometimes and takes more volume of food to get enough calories but I have never felt better. I dont think I will ever switch to totally vegan, I like cheese and meet to much at this time. I dont go the bathroom as much as before so that mith about all the fruits and veggies makes you poop more is a bunch of crap, now that was funny. Its tuff but I know in the long run it is going to pay off huge in the end.

My base training has been going good so far, Im one month into and I dont want to hit the hard stuff intel Mib Febuary/beganing March once my spring races hit. Its real hard to go easy, real hard. I always have to keep myself in check and say to myself I have a long year, be patient, wich I not that good at. I sure do miss going to Santa Cruz to hammer with the boy's.

I have been getting up at 3:30 to do my workouts before work. I will do core, run or bike then go to the gym intel 6:00 but I seem to always be running out of time and cutting my workouts short. Starting next week I will try and get up at 3:00 am and see how its goes. Not sure how that will work seing Im already on the verge of lack of sleep but I dont know if it will intel I try. So I will start that next week for the 2 week of my three week block.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Base Run Test

Last night was my first aerobic run test for 2007 season. I just finished a thre week block of base, very low intensity work outs. Nothing to hard, just cruzing, trying to keep my workouts about 3 steps below race heart rate.

I wil be doing all my test on a treadmill for runing and the trainer with my power tap pro. I think this will be the best way to keep everything the same. Theres no wind to deal with or the up and downs of the road. I will be able to track what kind of progress i will be making or not making.

So the run test was a warm up 15 minutes then keep my heart rate at an aerobic pace witch for me was 140 beets per minute for 20 minutes then see where Im at for milage.
Test results
Average heart rate: 139
Distanance: 2.5 miles
Time: 20 minutes.

I will repeat this every 3rd or 4th week on my rest, recover week.

I have noticed that most of my workouts last year were way to hard and I never got to recover from them. Just kept hammering myself in the ground. SO this year I am going to start of nice and slow and keep myself out of the demolition mode, at least intel march when my big races start to come up. Try and give this base training thing a try. Six time Ironman champion must know what he's doing. ALso if it can work for Lance it can work for me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Im back!

I decided to post something today. I need to get back to posting regulaly. I took off 1 month of all training after my last race in November. I've been trying to keep my life more simple these day's, without all the stress and having to write or train or log any off my workouts or what has been going on. I've been training now for a few weeks and feel real good and rested. I have some big stuff comming next year and looking forward to a great 2007.

I do have some good news in that I am now officially sponsors by smith optics sunglasses. Pretty cool!

Things have been cold but not like back East so I cant complain. Just suck it up and train.