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Friday, December 22, 2006

Base Run Test

Last night was my first aerobic run test for 2007 season. I just finished a thre week block of base, very low intensity work outs. Nothing to hard, just cruzing, trying to keep my workouts about 3 steps below race heart rate.

I wil be doing all my test on a treadmill for runing and the trainer with my power tap pro. I think this will be the best way to keep everything the same. Theres no wind to deal with or the up and downs of the road. I will be able to track what kind of progress i will be making or not making.

So the run test was a warm up 15 minutes then keep my heart rate at an aerobic pace witch for me was 140 beets per minute for 20 minutes then see where Im at for milage.
Test results
Average heart rate: 139
Distanance: 2.5 miles
Time: 20 minutes.

I will repeat this every 3rd or 4th week on my rest, recover week.

I have noticed that most of my workouts last year were way to hard and I never got to recover from them. Just kept hammering myself in the ground. SO this year I am going to start of nice and slow and keep myself out of the demolition mode, at least intel march when my big races start to come up. Try and give this base training thing a try. Six time Ironman champion must know what he's doing. ALso if it can work for Lance it can work for me.

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