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Friday, July 07, 2006


Last night I did a 45 minute swim. 300, 200, 3x300, 4x50 hard, 2x300, all in meters. Then jumped on the raod bike and did a 2 3/4 hour ride. Some intervals and a little bit of hill work. I have been pretty toasted since my epic ride on tuesday, so Its been all about recovery and alot of food and chocolate cookie time, mmmmmmmm good stuff. I will have to work on Saturday so I will try in get a good ride in on Sunday then rest up for Thursday's race.

Well it's official. I will be doing Infeon MTB Marathon race at the Sonoma race way on Thursday July 13th. This will be my last race before 24 hour National race in Wisconsin on July 30th. This will be my last hard workout before my final tunning for nationals.

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