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Monday, July 02, 2007

Ride, Ride, Ride.

This weekend was going to be somewhat of a test to see if I recovered from prior racing and training. I think I am 90 % recovered. Thing went real good and I feel normal again, if that's possible. When I am out riding long I still feel worried about the chest pains coming back. I'm getting better every day at not worrying about it but it will take some time. I even think its a good thing to keep me slowed down for know.
With my new exercise program and keeping my heart rate at a certain range and nor going over that is all new too me. I did a 8 hour ride, 13,000 feet of elevation gain on Saturday and didn't go over my heart cap, I was amazed how fresh I felt afterwords. I could of did a lot more. I was tired but not wiped out like usually. Plus I didn't get that feeling of wanting to eat everything in the fridge. So maybe there is something to this. Who knows but I'm sure it works. Although its king of humiliating at times, I say this because Im going alone and I get passed by this girl and it took all I had not to try and keep up with her. Know that sucks. All I know is I couldn't keep up the pace I was going at and had to do something different. I'm not superman, although I try to be. I have been thinking about all the training and racing. How all the intensity fits into everything. You do need intensity but how much. When does it get to much. Its different for everybody. How old you are, how fit you are, well there are a lot of factors. But for me its seems like a month or so of intense workout/racing is all I can handle. Its like Joe Friel said once that you only have so many matches to burn through out the year, and once there gone that its. So for me at this point its all about getting back to basics and sticking with it. JFT babe! Keeping low heart and getting as big engine built. I saw a discovery documentary on Ice trucks in Alaska last knight hauling big heavy loads on the ice over lakes. Anyway they had this truck on there with over 600 horse power, first I thought of is I had that kind of engine in my body I could shred the peddles of the crank with that kind of engine...

MY focus right know is September race. Its not far away. Speaking of Laguna Seca. On Sunday spent some time at ford ord mountain biking with some friends. I love that place. It has everything. Single track, fire roads. Even a deer jump out in front of me going down trail 50.

I was thinking I don't write enough about my sponsors and there products. So I would like to write today about what bike I ride and why. I have been riding the Santa Cruz Blur for 5 years know. My first bike was a LT with full XTR, boy was on flying high when I got that bike. You cruised alone peddling over bumps and kept going. I remember before when I used to ride my hard tail on long ride and my sides with hurt for days from tensing up going over bumps. Then when I got the new Blur I couldn't believe how much a difference it made. I could ride longer, fell better after my rides and recover quicker. Well a few Blur later that's all I race and ride on today. Yes they are my sponsor this year, but I have been riding Santa Cruz Bikes for 5 years now and think they are an awesome product. Very durable, reliable, and hard to beet for comfort. I 2 cross country Blurs for my 24 hour racing and couldn't do it competitively without them. They cruise over bumps like nothing. Keeps me peddling for 24 hours strong. I never had any major issues that couldn't be workouts. And they have a great warranty if any issues come up at all. Thanks Santa Cruz Bikes!!!

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