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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Im not grumpy, just tired

As my training has kicked into high gear so has my grumpiness. Ass I get home last night all I wanted to do was bite my wife's head off for no reason. Sorry sweety. That's one thing I have to be care full of when my volume gets real high. Amanda ask me why was I so mad at her. I wasn't mad at her at all just miss being home with my wife and hanging out with her. Its not to say I don't like training, I really do but it can be demanding at times, most of the time. Yes I know I don't have to train so much but there are sacrifices I have to make in order to achieve a high level of fitness. Like time with friends, family and loved ones. House chores, washing my vehicles. But this is a choice I have made and I want to do good out there racing. Plus all the chores get done later rather than sooner. Also when the training volume gets high and the fatigue starts to set in the grumpiness comes also. Seems like even the little things will seem like big issues. Oh ya and I forgot to mention also why I'm grumpy is that I'm know 2 days behind on watching the Tour De France, that will make anybody grumpy:). All the pain I go through you cant but wonder why doesn't it get any easier. How come it seem after doing all this training you still sweat the same, hurt the same. The weeks/months/years of doing the training it does seem at one point you could say, " wow! this is getting easy. So after 5 years of this stuff I haven't been able to say that at all. And don't even think about it like that anymore anyway since I heard a quote I think came from The all mighty Eddy Merx. He said " the pain never goes away, you just get faster". He sure knew what he was talking about. So as the pain starts to get high I hold that thought a lot. Im just getting faster ( I hope).

Yesterday I got off early enough to do the Loop. Arroyo seco rd to Carmell Valley over Laurless Grade to hwy 68 and reservation home. I think its around 85 miles or so. I did this route on Sunday afternoon. It takes 5 hours and 4.5 hours of riding. I had a few phone calls and 1 stop for water. Once you leave the valley here you enter into the oven in Carmel Valley. Always a lot hotter there. With and 1 hour 15 minute run n the morning put me at little over 6 hours of training. And the wife wonders why I'm grumpy. Although I know its all self inflicted.


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Hey Brian. Just wanted to thank you for stopping and helping me out at Downieville. It would've been a long run in from where you filled my tire. Hell, that run at the end was plently long enough. I hope you didn't sacrifice too good a day to help a stranded rider. I owe you one for sure.