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Monday, July 09, 2007

With my training well into high gear Im feeling pretty good about how its going. Doing my build to the 24 hours Worlds on September 1st.

This weekend was a good sign that Im recovered and getting ready. With 7 hours on the mountain bike, and 5 hours on the road bike and 1.5 hours running for Saturday and Sunday is not to shaby. I feel tired today but not wiped out. My pace wasn't anyhting fast but steady. Still trying to keep my heart down, although at times I second guess this method, it just feels so slow and really not what Im used to. But I cant hammer all the time I know that, Although it fun but not productive in the long run for me. Im just trying to build up my body for the upcomming racing and trying to keep it consistant. I cant do that with a lot of intensity's.

Im thinking about downiesville this weekend but I have'nt made a final decision, depending on work and how I feel and if it deosn't get sold out. Also I see that the Distric Road Race championship in ford ord has moved intel after August 10th. I have found another race to for that weekend. Looks like fun, I will see if I can budget that in.

Well se how I feel depending on what Im going to do this week. Although I feel pretty good today seems like the second day I really feel the fatigue.

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