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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

when to do what?

Being a self coached athlete is good and bad. I have been wondering if I have been doing the right training lately. The way I see it though if I have a bad day out training or racing I have no one to blame but myself. I have been questioning my training technique this past year with my spotty result. Although I have some great results I still wonder if I do the right stuff at the right time. Since my Cool 24 hour race I have been struggling on and off to get going and get some good result. I just feel half ass. Just can not seem to get going. Although I'm still training I just don't feel fast or strong most of the time. This doesn't mean I'm going to quit but my observation of myself and how I see it whether I'm right or wrong. I just can't seem to get anywhere close to where I was in May. I guess when they talk about peaks during the year I must of had one hell of a peak for sure. I m trying to be patient but my patients is wearing thin.

As I was looking at the result at downiesville classic I noticed Dezmin Wilder had a good race with a 2:12, now thats fast... Good job Dezmin. Also I seen Yuri had a good race also, kicked my ass again, THANKS:). I will be racing both these guys in September at the 24 hour Worlds, I just hope I can shake the Laguna Seca curse I have been caring for the last 2 years.

I took Sunday completely of, watch the tour and slept a lot. And took Monday of also. Before I would of felt bad but screw it. I work 45-50 hours a week and train my ass of, I deserve a good brake now and then, at least that's how I'm justifying it..! I didn't eat the house down so that was a plus.

The tour has been very exiting. I feel sorry for Vino, he would of been a big threat but not with 14 stitches in his body. And Micheal Rogers from T mobil, that crashed hurt. So with some of the big names gone and Rasmussen going for over all and everybody is real close I think Saturdays time trial with be a big deciding factor for the overall, as long as they don't crash. Oh ya and Robbie Mcewm is out, that sucks. Seem like if you crash your pretty much toast depending on how bad.


Amanda Sevall said...

Hang in there babe! I know you'll pull through's normal to have good and bad times at anything you do. Love you lots :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, please post something!!

all the best,