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Monday, September 24, 2007

year 2007 overview

As I think about everything that has happend this year (2007) in a perspective of how my perfomance and or life living has gone. Ealry in the years I had set goals of where I wanted to be.

1. Be a good husband
2. Win some races
3. Get in shape
4. loose some weight
5. Not get hurt
6. Be finatiolly sound at the end of the year. (basically dont be broke )

Allthough I ran thru some tuuf points thru out the year with physical burn out. It happend after my second 24 hour attempt this year in June. I just couldn't seem to get it together training wise. I just couldn't seem to finish any of my key workouts and began to de progress on my fitness at one point. Its real hard to keep a high volume week after week without the proper rest. Although it deosn't stop me from trying. Although I am getting better at doing more low intensity stuff. And that means not hitting hard every work out all year. I had good results in the beganing of the year with all low heart rate stuff.

The reason I wright about it know is that sometimes it takes me a while before I can look at the situation open minded without being to emtional or rational about it. When I have a bad day I always feel like I have to make up for it someway or another to justify or top make me feel better.
I'm very thankful for having a loving and supportive wife. She encouranges me all the time and gives me great support in my training and racing.

I'll write more later

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