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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Days are fying by

It seems the day's are flying by now that it get dark early. I have'nt been much traing at all. I might of rode my bike a few times in the last few weeks. It is a well needed brake. The first week was tuff not riding, hell even the second week was tuff not riding. But After 5 years of hiting real hard Im tired. And I dont want to get burned out like I hear happens to a lot of endurance athlete's. Although I dont think that will happen, I like to ride to much. I have been constintly thinking of trainig and racing a lot, too much? Maybe. But its what I like to do. Plus you cant get good by sitting on your ass! But it has been hard these few weeks just chillin and doing other things. It's been good catching up on a lot of things and getting ready to train again. Its hard to turn the mind of and chil out for me. I just cant seem to sit still long enough. I can only managa about 10 minutes of doing nothing before I explode, I have always been that way. I have to be doing something. I will start up again in the next few day's. I might have one more race in me.

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