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Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner is served.

Looks like hunting season is officially over for me. I think this Buck might be my biggest one yet. 5 shot's later. The damage was done. 2 missed shot, 2 broken legs. And a neck shot that went through his head and out his

The best part was dragging him out of the canyon. Talk about max aerobic workout:)

Can you say Buck Burger!!!

This is what I've been doing in my off Time.
Sing alone with me..
you grab a line and I'll grab a pole hunny
you grab a line and I'll grab a pole babe
we all go down to the fishing hole
hunny babe and puppy!...dueet de deeee

We have puppy sun bathing, yes that is life vest on the dog (hilarious I know), and a smoking 120 horse power force engine in the back ground to push us around the lake at 40+ MPH

The deer were laughing at the puppy in the with the life vest on.

Here's what the deer were saying "Look at that Mom!, is that a bullit proof vest the dog is wearing, We got to get one of those for Daddy"

Here kitty kitty

1 comment:

Amanda Sevall said...

You make me laugh! Love that picture of the puppy :) That trip was so much fun - can't wait until our next!! Love ya :)