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Monday, September 10, 2007


It's only been a week since the 24 race and Im feeling real good. Not only physically but mentally about the outcome. I did my best I could on that day and look forward to racing again. I know Im recovering good because I already want to start riding and training again. Again thats good for me. I did a three hour ride on Sunday and still have a lot of fatigue in the legs but felt good otherwise. I wasn't breaking any records out there just cruzing. I did some thinking on pacing and where mty heart rate was during the first hours of the race. Its so hard to look at my abilityi of what I can do and what I should be doing. I felt it was real high, a lot higher than I wanted it to be. Did it hinder my performance come early m0rning? who knows, there are so many variables. But I think it did have some effect on me.

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