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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Vacation Time

So for our vacation this year we decided to pack up the RV ( recreational vehicle) and head to Yosimite for a week. We stayed at Indian Flat RV park, next to Merced River off HWY 140. It was 9 miles from the main gate to the park entrance. The closest place I could find with full hook ups. It seemed to take almost all day to get there after stopping for grociers and last minute stuff. But we arrived on Friday evening to a nice big river and a lot of pines tree's. Yosimite Valley was awesome, so many hiking/running trails and all altitude. The Yosimite floor was at 4000' elevation. But everywhere we went would top out at 9000'. SO most morning I would ride to where we were going and the wife would meet me there so we could walk around and do some sight seeing. The views were just incredible. One day we went to Galcier Piont. It over looked the Valley floor. You were standing in front of Half Dome and El Capitan mountain.

This is pic of the first long ride while I was there. It ended up being 4 hour ride. And I never got out of the small ring up front. This was the ride to glacier piont. Started out at 3500' elevation and toped out 9000'. Talk about oxigen deprivation

This picture was on top of half dome. I ran up to the back side and climbed to the top. It was 4 hour long run. I was totally wiped out after that for 4 day's. All I could to was hoble the next day.

This was the Vernal waterfall on the way back.

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