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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I tried to swim yesrerday afternoon but it was very tuff. I mad it about 30 minutes then went home to rest. I will be eating healthy and trying to recover some more today before I hit the gas again. I figure by Wednesday I should be on it again. I slept in again this morning, ah it feels so good. Im going to need this rest period for my next build up.
I had a Miles Wadsworth weigh by Blur before the start of the race on Sunday and weighed in at 23.5 lbs. Well I ordered some new shit and it will put it under 23 no problem. Smokin'n light.

Well last night since I didnt train I decided to train my tools and tighten all my nuts and bolts:):)..... on the Santa Cruz Blurs. ALso put the new XTR shift pods and rear derailer. Getting ready for the Cool 24 hour race in less than 3 weeks. I still have my rear shock too fix on the new Blur so hopefully I get that back by race day.


Anonymous said...

hey Brian,I knew you were good!! but holy shit dude your f'in awsome. It's my frist time on your page.I just got home from work (6:30 pm)a little tired then i saw your page dude it got me pumped up..THANKS!!!!so i'm going to get the ipod hook up bike on the trainer.AC/DC and Pink flyod should keep me going for awhile Thanks for the advice later...Ed Aleman (the guy who's called about 24 hour advice)

Brian Sevall said...

Glad I could help Ed, keep it real buddy! Need anything give me a call. I will also be doing a night ride this wednesday 4/25 if your up too it. I could use the company. It gets to scary out there alone.