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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nutrtion thoughts

I wanted to write some stuff on nutrition for longer race and training that I do or have have done. I think its a huge key to success in longer races lasting 4+ hours. Because the body can only survive at a high intensity for no more than 1.5 to 2 hours without shutting down and going into a metabolic state of feeding of your muscle and fat. But if you to the right fuelling you can teach your body to use the calories you consume along with stored fat as fuel and not your muscles. At least you can prevent the big bonk from happening.
On my 24 hour racing my goal is to average 300-500 calories an hour through out the entire race. Its so important to hit this goal all 24 hours. And when I say 300-500 calories an hour I don't mean you can quit eating for 3 hours and then double up the next few ours. If you do that you are done and that's not a good thing or healthy way to do it. I used not to be able to handle this amount of calories but over my first year of doing this I trained my body to eat and drink my way to this goal amount. And your calories can not be from cookies and coke, or pizza and bear. It has to be clean burning fuel. I use a lot of banana's and dates, good quality carb drink and protein drink. Not saying I don't eat other stuff like chips and pop tarts and jerky I do, but not as my hole calorie intake, just as a treat. And all this depends on temperature. Obviously the hotter it is the more difficult it is to process calories when the temp are hotter than your use to unless you train like that, but that is always difficult to do. Again this is all done during training. So with the right calorie combination and good fueling of liquids I do not bonk and I am able to hold my pace hard and fast and don't have to let up because Of lack of fueling. My water intake is in the range of 25-35 ounces of water, that's including the carb/protein drinks also. Again your body has limits on what it can do and go over those limits and shit starts to go real wrong. I try and keep my sodium intake no more than 700 mg per hour. I feel that the reason I cramp is not the lack of sodium or water but the lack to control my pace in the beginning. When I go out to hard I will always start to cramp even though I have enough fluid and calories. It is so important not to get behind on the calories, water, sodium in the first hours, those are key factors. Because once you fall behind you can not catch back up. You will be done.

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joao said...

Nice post next 13 and 14 I'll be at my first 24 hour race!

keep posting,