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Sunday, March 30, 2008

As spring time is here and in full swing the flowers are looking so nice! On Saturday I decided to drive up too San Anonio Lake with my croch rocket (Tri Bike) and do 2 laps of the 1/2 Ironman course at San Antonio Lake. I had some fatigue going into this but pretty much goes very everyworkout unless Im tappering. I felt good and was real exited to get ride the bike with more than myself. Although nobody was riding with me but just to ride with other people around is so nice. My thought on riding the tri bike is that it makes me putt out steady watts for long periods of time without going into the red zone for short perioids of time. Not saying I didn't go into the red zone but just was trying to keep it as steady as possible, working on my peddle strock to keep it turning in full motion. I believe when I do this my efficientcy is better for my racing, keeping your momentum moving forward at all times, rather than hitting only the down stroke on your circles. This burns like hell for so long. During the first lap I contiplated on only doing one lap but I told myself I not count out a second lap but would wait intel I finished my first lap to see how I felt. Also figured I must be pushing to hard to be thinking that early on. So I tried to hold of and save most of the mojo for the second lap. It so nice out there this time of year. I didnt use a heart rate moniter or power and wanted to do this on feel. Well I survived the first lap and felt good enough to continue. So my objective for this was to go hard and push real hard towards the top of the rollers and climbs. Eacl laps is around 5000 feet elevation gain, some goos climbing. I tried to stay aro only to get out of the saddle to stretch or attach the hills. I started to cramp son 1/3rd into the second laps but wasn't going to lay off. I rode hard and it hurt like hell but I wasn't going to give into it and slow down. I suffered pretty hard the last part was so glad I finish. I couldn't hardley walk afterwords, hurt like hell. And it felt so good:). My neck started to really hurt a lot being in the areo posistiuon for so long. I dont think my neck concusion was helping.

Im real happy with training this year. I have deligated more of my time to other responsiblity beside the bike. Plus with the trying to focus on the job change and the lack of work is taking some adjustments on the mental statis. But I will never give up and will keep trying intel the end... Got to go. I have a race MTB rac e in Ford ORd today at 1 pm, wish me luck!

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