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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring is comming

And you cant stop it:) Its going to be nice. Riding in the my shorts again. Smelling and seing all the spring flowers. And im hoping my fitness with spring also:)
I haven't been writing for a long time in the blog. I had to simplify my life some and the intrenet was on of them. I was working at a concrete plant and it closed on January 1st. So have been going through a work transition period for know. Im not sure if I will write as much as before. It seems this blog is the first thing that will go when I get tired and start training. But I have been bouncing around at work, and know Im offficially being trained to operate an asphalt plant. Instead of making grey material it is know black stuff. My experiance from the concrete [plant has helped me a lot, it has a lot of the same principals. So I have been trying focus on my new job and has taking up a lot of my energy and time. Making sure I get it right. ALthough I did mess up already and tried to load a 6ton truck with 25 tons. Let me tell you know it won't work. Shit goes everywhere. It was pretty funny in a weird way. Im still training as much as I can but Im not holding myself to any figures. The only figure I hold myself to one is a healthy one.

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