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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anybody ever have to go traininig

Well, Well, Well. Where to start. I see I wrote about my race over 2 months ago so that's I have a bad case of fatigue that hasn't been fun at all. Not only fatigue but some depression to go with that. I have been a big baby in excepting what was going on. And like a good hard headed person I can be I didn't want to be defeated by some fatigue. A broken leg or arm would of been nice cause at least I could see it, sounds weird I know but makes sense to me. I have never really had to take time off from training and racing, well at least and extended period of time, meaning more than a few weeks. I did have a bunch of blood work taken but the doc said I have the healthiest blood he has ever seen and nothing he could see was wrong. I thought for sure he had to be wrong. This extended period of no training has been all new to me. I always felt I would never stop unless something serious happened. It has taken me awhile to adjust and except what is going on. I'm getting older and life changes has brought on a new era. I have to rest, rest and more rest to get myself back together so I can get out there and do what I love. " ride ride ride". As I look at it know it wasn't all bad, just seemed bad. Here I was with sponsors and my promises I couldn't keep. So I put a lot of pressure on myself because I couldn't perform at the level I was used to. So I had to except the changes that were dealt to me and move on. I will have to incorporate a lot more rest day's and not hold myself to so many hours a week and focus on speed and my health and life. I have know only started to train again and feel better than ever. Finally the fatigue fog is starting to remove. I just have to be care full and not to overload myself with hammer workout everyday of the week, maybe limit them to a couple and even might scratch those depending on how I feel. I know I just can't handle the volume I used to week after week, day after day. Its just unrealistic for me know. Not saying I wont do it from time to time but very limited know. Cause I still want to get out there and do 200+ weekends, I love that stuff. But it won't happen week after week. That will not help my overall goal in staying fast and strong.

One great thing about all this rest is that it couldn't be more perfect timing, I get to watch every stage of the Tour, what and exciting one it has been. So all my time hasn't been soaking in tears:)

As far as I schedule I'm not really sure yet. I see there is three six hour races that look pretty tempting. I don't think I have another 24 hour race in me. Although before I checked out last may I have acquired sponsorship from Vetta bike computers, so stayed tuned for some new gear write up.

So with my renewed outlook on training and health I feel like I still can be stronger and faster than ever. Look at Tinker pushing real old and still kicking ass.


Amanda Sevall said...

Glad to see you writing again babe!! Now put down the ice cream, turn off law and order and get some sleep!! lol :)

Roger Lackey said...

Hey Brian, what the hell, you channeling me or something. ;o)

I've been having the same experiences as you this year.

Frustrating and funny all at the same time. Life brings change that's for sure.

Good luck in the future!

Roger Lackey

As minhas Pedaladas said...

New goals ahead!
Keep posting!