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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sea Otter course

I went to ford ord today to ride the Sea Otter course on last time. I started around 8:30 am and the weather was incredible. Warm with very little clouds. The trails are still nice and hard but the corners are starting to get real sandy. My goal for this was to ride the course hard and fast and try and get some hard stuff in. I rode easy for the last few day's because I was a little fatigue from more hard work. Warmed up for 15 minutes than hit the course. I was still a little sore but felt good overall. I started at hwy 68 and reservation rd entrance. Once I got to the race track I came across Grieg Heinz, our local fast pro here from Salinas. They were just starting so I went past them, not because I was faster but I suppose they were just getting started. He rides for Joslyn's. I wanted to ride with him but had to stick to my ride today. I was surprised I didn't see more riders than I did. I was riding pretty hard, I perceived exertion was about 90-100%. I felt really good and hit it hard the hole course. I was a lot faster than last week when I did the course. So hopefully I can carry that power into next weekend for the race. I still haven't signed up yet. Maybe this week. The next week will be easy steady riding with short intervals.

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