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Friday, September 22, 2006

15 day's intel the big day

That's right! 24 hours MTB Solo Chapianship in Atlanta Georgia on October 7th. This will be due or die for me. I haven't had the steller year for me and looking to come out on top these next 2 races. I wont be lying here to say I just want to do good, Nope! I want to WIN my age group and kick some butt. I've done all the training and worked my tail off, plus my wife said she will also kick my ass if I don't win. She said you spend way to much time away from me on your dumb bike for second place ans also she threatend to not give me sex for a month, if that ain't motivatiion I dont know what is:).

This week was going to be a b ig week for me but thats not going to happen. Alot of hours at work. Plus on Tuesday I planned a 3.5 hout MTB ride with lots of leg hurtin. But an hour into my ride I get a flat tire, no big deal right. I have had flats before. So I open my seat pouch to get out my tubes, tire lever and " oh no", I forgot to put in the co2 triger. So operation " rescue dumbass"( thats me) was in affect. Called Amanda to come get me ( thanks sweety). But traing has been great and I feel like real strong. I have been hitting hard. Lat night was a 3 hour hammer fest. 20 minutes at 280-320 watts, rest some, then 30 cruise at 250-280 watts and push hard on the uphills 330-420 watts. Then the nice cruise home. Ave power for the ride was 275 watts and burnned 2300 calories. Thats all


mp3 said...

Good luck in Conyers.

Brian Sevall said...

Thanks for the kind words mp3. Good luck on your training and racing.