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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reved, and ready to go

The rest period has statrted this week to get ready for the Big Day. Im all pump up and ready to rock it. I will be riding my Santa Cruz Blur, two of them. I picked up one of them last night at the bike shop and packed it in its case to go with me on the plane on Saturday. Everything is ready, lights, carbo drink and garb boom gel, Endurance drink, and me. I have been taking recover ease just like the instruction say and I feel real good. I went for a short swim last night and was ripping the water up. I was did 6x200 meters in the pool @ 3:05 for the 200 meters and felt great and not even tired afterwords, thats a good sign and a good feeling for me. I have been looking forward to this rest for months before the big day. I will check later on the my stuff I have shipped with UPS on TUesday to see where it is at. I will to some short light stuff in the folowing days but nothing big, maybe some 20 minute intervals on the bike and some short running intervals about 2-3 minutes but thats all, I want to be fresh and ready to last for 24 hours. I would like to thank Granite Construction big time. They are my biggest supporter and sponser for this year, I sure wouldn't be doing or going to all these races with out there help this year. They step up big time for me...Thanks Guys! 9 more days to go:)!.

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