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Sunday, April 27, 2008

1 week to go

That's right, 1 week to go until race day. This will be the first 24 hour race for the year. As the temperature starts to rise so is the desire to ride in circle's for 24 hours. Who even thought of this shit anyway. A couple guys riding around and said, "lets make a 24 hour race" some crazy stuff. And here we are today with the 24 hour scene as big as ever. I think there is even 3-4 more 24's just in California alone. And the desire seems to get stronger. I even had the opportunity to help a friend (Chuck)catch the desire to ride a 24 hour race. For myself I always find very rewarding to something big. Weather it be a race or weekend rides that would make a normal person say,"you did what this weekend". But it has always been my desire to ride the bike from one mile to the next. Well not always but in the last five years it has been. Who would of thought 9 years ago I weighed 240 pounds and was about to buy next pair pants and a size 38 waist. It was a sight to see. I always laugh at the pictures when I come across one.

With one week to go the body is in shut down mode. The rides have been short in distance in duration but not lacking intensity's. On Saturday I did some hill climbs and on the average watts I was holding 370 average for 10 minute climbs. It felt hard but not maxed out. Since I weight close to 170 the watt to weight isn't all that great but is all I need to have a good race. Maybe even take some cash home. Next week will be real light and need a great big desire to want to get on the bike so bad that it's killing me to ride. I'm all ready to go and the bike are all tuned up. I'm so looking forward to riding the course on Friday and get some ideas of how my transition are going to be like.

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