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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Boggs Mountain Race Report

Another race in the legs. This race was a 8 hour race in the Boggs Mountain demonstration Forest on Saturday April 5th. The course was 9.2 miles with 1200 feet of elevation gain (seemed like more). This is an awesome race for a first timer or just too tune up your skills before a 24 hour race.

I was real impressed with the cool laid back Boggs race that Carlos puts on. They did a great job top make it a race to definitely come back. Pretty laid back. Seemed like more dogs than racers. Well not really but there were a lot of pets running around. It made it nice to not have to leave our dog at home.

I really wanted to do this race for a few reasons. One was to get an Idea of what my competition is going to be like when I go race the Cool 24 hour race May 5th. Yuri Haswald and Dez Wilder were there. Very strong riders and have won races before and could put the hurt on you. Also use this race to get my nutrition down. I have been Hammer nutrition more this year. I've used it before but have switch my carb, protein and gel to all Hammer products. Another reason I for this race was to get an Idea and feeling of what I can handle as far as potential pace. The race start was real cold and everybody had on arm warmers, knee/leg warmers, vest, and more just to keep warm.

So the race started of at a good pace. There were 5 of us up front at the start who hit the trail first. I think Dez Wilder hit the trail first on his single speed. I think Yuri and I were 5th and sixth to hit the trail. We were hitting real hard for the first few laps with Yuri and I trading leads. He was on fire on the down hills and couldn't keep up with him. At one point I was using all my lives (as Yuri said to me at one piont) on the down hill section just trying to not slow Yuri down when he was behind me on the down hill sections. So at one point I had to let him go and go at my own speed in fear of my life from hitting a tree of crashing from the boulder on the trail. I really could remember riders who were in front of Yuri and I but by the 3rd lap we started to hit a lot of rider traffic. So it was hard to tell at that point. Going on the third lap I had a gap On Yuri and was feeling good. Yuri was catching me on the down hill section and I was pulling away on the climbs. Going on the 3rd lap I got a pinch flat. 5 minutes later I was hammering away. At the second lap I remember seeing a single speed rider, his name Was Cameron. Every lap I tried to catch him but he was riding real strong. I almost would catch him but then would pull away. Going on the 4th and 5th lap I started to feel the fast pace from the start. So I decided to hold my own pace and ride in my own comfort zone. And what ever that ended me up I was okay with that. I just couldn't push any harder without getting toasted. Plus by this time it was 4 hours into the race and wasn't like I could push any harder anyway. This got real tuff on my 6th lap. I had to go into survival mode and not focus very good and couldn't get my comfortable on the trail and was loosing my momentum on the corners. I contribute this to the high pace for the prior laps just to keep Dez Wilder within reachable distance to keep the gap between us to a manageable time. Toward the end of the race it got pretty lonely. Going on my 8th lap I was told Dez was 10 minutes in front of me. Witch surprised me a lot. Because the hole was all I could picture is him pa sing me with an hour to go and lap me. At that point it wasn't like I could push any harder put maintain the pace I was holding. I was hurting a lot and was cramping on the climbs. My side hurt also front all the hard corner and dodging rocks. Well I finally finished with ten laps and about 15 minutes to the cut of time. I felt real good about my race and was totally hurting. It felt like an 8 hour cross country race. I got first place in the pro division. Congrats on Dez and Cameron for doing the same amount of laps on a Single Speed, just amazing.

My nutrition:
half a banana, 2-3 gu's per lap.
1 bottle (alternating between Carb and protien mix.
carb bottle was 2 scoops carb boom(140 calories)
protein was Hammer perpetum(2 scoops 260 calories)

My total calorie intake for 8 hours was 3,300 calories (over 400 calories an hour) I got hungry only twice during the 8 hours

I probably burned close to 8000 calories, I ate 4000 calories at Cattleman's restaurant(good stuff).

Pic's will come later.


dezzi said...

Thanks for the props Brian!

Never raced an 8hr before, didn't really no how to go about it and definitely felt like I was in a 2hr xc race at times...and it did feel like more than 1200' didn't it?

Wow, you didn't eat very much...
See you at coolest!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, thanks for the description about food.

Joao (Portugal) said...

Hey I'm doing this race in a few weeks, your nutrition info is very helpful. This is my first endurance MTB race, and it looks like a ton of fun. During road races I usually consume about 200 kcal/hr, but I only weigh 135... do you think I should be upping this?

email me back at malnick at google mail , thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!