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Friday, April 10, 2009


Well now I know what a bear feels like after waking up from a long siesta (hibernation is what they call it). But here in Soledad everybody siestaing:). I'm going to do a little review of what has been going on in my life as an endurance athlete. After my race in May of last year I was so tired physical from the past six years of training real hard. Was it to hard? I really don't know if it was to hard. Or maybe i just don't want to believe that because what I was doing was something I enjoyed doing so much. Weather it was biking ruining or swimming it was something I have grown to love. The feeling of your heart pumping, hair in the wind or the water flowing across your body was nice. I will admit I did it to much and to often without much of breaks and what happened after may was the price I paid for it, major fatigue, deep fatigued in my body. My mental state always bounces back real fast. I can remember waking up countless times and feeling that feeling of going out and hammering 100+ mile bike ride but getting only to get an hour or so into the ride and having to call for rescue. And even before my rescue came I was walking of the bike. So as a good compulsive addict person I am I would not give up. I tried eating more, eating less, more vitamins, less vitamins, more sleep, less sleep, more sex, less sex. I was trying it all. I was not giving into the idea the I worked to hard. The only real obvious reason for my fatigue. Nope not me! As you can see I tried everything bu rest, sleep, and a mental break. But after every try I came up with the same results. I hear all the time athletes taking months or weeks of in winter or after the season but not me. I was so highly motivated to keep my fitness and try to be faster. I had some great results in the last six years. I'm proud of myself from going from 240 lbs 8 years ago to wining my first attempt at a 24 hour race less than three years. Then winning 2006 age group 24 hours world champion in Georgia. I even won my first Ironman attempt. I have had great success. So to really question my process that I was doing is a little quationable for me. I always think in my mind well it worked then why not know? Is it age? Probably. But as I fought this for months I did take a break. I rode some, ran and swim but nothing like I was doing. Maybe 3-10 hours a week if I was lucky or felt like it. I was just taking it day by day week by week and month by month. I knew in my head I wouldn't be able to keep that pace of training for ever but wouldn't change it for nothing. The memories I have are price less. I'm doing so much better today than yesterday and getting stronger and faster by the day. I feel the long rest period of 7 months was just what I needed, well I think i will have to weight and see after some racing. But here am am doing still trying to figure out a good amount of hours to train and still be physically sound. I'm sure it wont be as much as before but I think I will be a lot smarter about it. Because I know deep down you cannot get fast without pain and hard day's and weeks, just impossible. I did start training in January but nothing hard at all. I always here you think its tough to train fast, then try training slow. That was tough! To train slow, keep the heart rate down and the distance to a minimum. I hope it works. Well I do know thru the hole peeking processes you cant be fast all the time, at least that I do know and have experienced. Over my health and life is good. What an experience though!

Yes the retaining wall in my back yard is up and looking pretty cool! I will post a pick later. That's what I have been trying to do to fight of the urge to train so much. Looks like my shed and lawn won't go in for a while. Cost reason's. But its a process and to do it right will take some time.

Right know I'm trying to get ready for Sea Otter as long it doesn't rain on race day I will to it and then decide if I will 24 hours of cool the first weekend of May and will depend on work or lack of work. I have been training like I am going to do the race but not a 100% committed right know. Also would like to do the hole series. Jim Northey puts a great race and know he's got a hole series of awesome endurance races in really cool places. If you ever did one of his races you definitely would not be disappointed at all. I guarantee it!

I have to go for know and decide were to ride today. Looks like the sun is out but chance of rain. Then of to work tonight.


Jesse Palmer said...

Hope to see you at Cool. I'll be trying my first 24 solo :)

Amanda Sevall said...

I hope I can make it also. Good luck on your first 24 hour race. Your going to love it!