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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I need a digital cam!

I look at all these other blogs and they post alot of pics of there daily stuff. Im going to put buying a camera on top of my wish list to get in the off season.

Went for a swim at the pool last night and felt real good. First time since the 24 hour race 10 days ago that I haven't felt WASTED after or during my workout. The swim was a continues 4000 meter swim broken down as 4x300 cruz, 100 fast, 3x300 cruz, 200 fast, 2x300 fast, 100 cruz, 100 cd. I felt really good and push the last half of the sets. I only stopped once for a few seconds to move for the swim team. Then went for a 45 minute run with a 15 minutes of tempo work at 6.5 -7 minute mile.

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