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Friday, October 13, 2006

Resting and feling good.

Its always a good feeeling to win or come close to winning. So i've been flying high this past week. Couple more day's and it will be back to work. I still have one more big race to go, "The Ironman", even hurts to think about it. That marathon is a killer. My right arm is still a little tender from the 24 hour race but is getting better real fast. My legs feel great and are recovering fast. Before the race my wife say'd if I win last weekend she would buy me a new par of vans. She reminded me of that today, which I forgot so thank you sweety. So this weekend I get a new par of shoes, yuppie!
I plan on riding about three hours on Saturday to see how well my legs will feel and then make a discision on what to do for next week. If my legs are recovering I will to good training week with alot of swiming and very little running. I dont want to thrash myself for the Ironman, I'll wait intel race day. See y'all later

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