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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One day at a time

Some more randome thought about my 24 hour race. It was 2 days before the race I eneded up with a head cold, somehow I manged 12 months without getting sick. So this sucked. I guess its being out of state so you have all kinds of new virisus to battle. Also during the race about hour 10 I got bit by a red fire ant. "Hurt like hell"!. I thought I got stung by a bee intel I took of my helmet. It hurt for about 2 hours but after that everything hurt so it was no big deal.

It's been a little over a week since the 24 hours race. Im still recovering well and feel real great. I can't thank enough my enduring wife who supports me 110 %. And Chuck for giving a helping hand also.

I've ran once since then and was still to sore to do anything longer than 30 minutes. My swimming has been very minimal due to my wrist still swolen and hurting. I've been on the bike three times. This Sunday I tried to ride about 6 hours but do to fatigue I had to be rescued by the wife. It's funny because when I called she said she had been waiting for the phone call, she knows me so well. On Saturday I felt real good and had a 6 hour training day with all three sports so I figuerd Sunday should be so hard. That was a dumb thought, but you never know intel you try. How else you going to know what your body can handle intel you get out there and try. I think thats a big key to an ebdurance althete. You have to push and keep pushing in order to adapt to the overloading of training. And I've alway's fely you have to push real hard in training or how else you going to push hard in racing. I know for me I do alot longer intense tempo riding and alot of speed work, Whether it be 800,1600 meters intervals and 20 minute tempo work. I cant do these to may works in row but fit as many as my body can handle then rest and repeat as often as neccasary. Well more on this later.

Well its time to start thinking about winter training and next years schedual. Im not going to travel out of state so much next year because of the cost. And not race so much next year but focuse on maybe going to Kona Ironman in Octber if I qualify in a couple weeks. Plus I will do a couple 24 hour race more locally, nd some short stuff in between. Well im done writing.

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