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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here is a late race report from Saturday's CCCX race. I still felt tired from my week of training and did a little to much leading up too it. But it was good to get some metal part in the race to help me in the long run for my 24 hour races coming up. As always these races start out so fast and hard. The race had more climbing than the ones at Ford Ord so I knew I would do good. We went up the first climb and the leaders took of and had a big gap on me. And they were disappearing fast. I tried hard to catch up but couldn't. I just didn't have the legs. But I continued on hard as I could. The blur was awesome and felt really good, I think I found my new favorite bike. The new XTR shifters was so nice and smooth. So after the first lap I think I was around 5th place but going on the second and third lap there were allot of people drooping of fast. So I knew if I kept it up hard and steady I should place good. I drank to bottle and a total of 350 calories with allot more enduro lites than the last race to see if I could hold off the cramping. It worked pretty good but still felt on the verge of cramping. I ended in 3rd place so witch is real good and will put me a good point standing. Dickie Brock ended up winning, he kicked some serious ass. And Miles Wadsworth kick my ass again, you have to quit training so hard buddy, I need to bring back the old day's:) Good job.
Not much going on. I will be talking it easy for a few days and rest up for my next 2 week block of intense training.

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