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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Race day is always fun, you never know what to expect. So I started out my day with a nice 30 minute run before work, just to get the legs warm and get my body to wake up and start the metabolism going. I could only work fours hours, being the CCCX started at 1:00. I wanted to get there and warm up good. I did one lap prier to the start. I didn't have any expectation being I got my ass kicked the last few races. I sad not to see Miles Wadsworth wasn't there. He's been doing reel good, I talk to him and he's was sick, get well buddy! I kind of change my week up some, I only did one weight workout on Tuesday morning and a hard bike in the afternoon to hone in on my hard shit. I had a weird pain in my leg this morning so I was wondering how I would hold up today. We started pretty fast as usual but for some reason when we hit the dirt I was with the lead group. I figure after lap one I would pulled of anyway, so I was just going to go hard and see where it will put me. SO to my surprise I am in the lead group after the first lap, I was thinking holly shit what am I doing here. So on to the second and third lap, I felt really good. The group consisted of Brock Dickie, Keith DeFiebre, Mike Holk, Me and a few only I don't know. About the second lap I I could see was Brock doing most of the work so I decided to give a him a hand and push the pace. I figure I would blow up and get shelled out the back. Things were going real good and I was able to recover and go back up to the front. So Brock would pull, then I would do some work at the front and a few others chipped in. Around the fourth lap I looked back and there was only three of us left. By this time I am just so exited to be in the front group. Brock would hammer on the first half and then I would jump on the front and push the back half. He probably most of the work. I was trying to push the hills but for some reason my shifter was a bit to be desired so I always got past there. On the last lap I cramp real bad on the last climb and Brock got a good gab and I couldn't catch up after recovering. SO Brock took first and I got second. I was pretty stocked. That will be me in good position in the Total points. Afterwords I felt pretty tired so I slammed 8 recover ease to bounce back from my effort.

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