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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I just cant believe this weather, upper 70 degree's for the rest of the week. Man this is great. And on the 11th is going to be an extra hour I will be able to train during the day and work on my tan.
On Monday I was pretty toasted from the weekend so I took the day off. I ran this morning and did core work in the gym, a good hour of workout time. One of the great benefits from all my training is the amount of food I can consume throughout the day or in one sitting and not gain weight. Even though I eat allot of food it's still very healthy, organic, allot of fruits and veggies. If I workout 20 hours x 500 calories an hour on average for the week, that will equal approximately 10,000 extra calories I will need to eat in order to my energy levels up. That's allot food. And I am being conservative here.
I am planning on hitting the bike real hard on Wednesday with a 30 minute hard climbing and some small peak hard intervals to get the heart rate way up there.
Also picked up another sponsor on sponsor, the Sock Guy. I just placed a 12 pair order and can't wait to get them. All different kinds. Also placed my order for sum new sunglasses from Smith Optics. I ordered this pair also, Catalyst Slider root beer brown. Man am I going to look

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