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Friday, March 09, 2007

This is game face with the new shades.

The cases were real cool, strong and durable.

"It's Friday"! Party! Ya right, I can't even stay up past 8 pm:) Well almost another week gone in my house of pain, then onward to an easy week. My training for the week has been good so far, I do have a race on Saturday at 1pm so hopefully I didn't extend myself to much this week. I had a hard day on Wednesday, 45 miles mountain bike ride with 4000 feet of altitude gain, 3 hours total riding. Alot of hard stuff. The last 2 days been less than 3 hours total for the hole day's. Toady will be the same. I feel a little weird today and not even 80% off normal so not sure what to think about this. I wonder if I caught somebody's cold or what? Only time will tell.

I did get my sunglasses last night. Now they are the shit, WOW! Man do I look cool! I am going to be pimp'n this Saturday with the new bike, new shades. If I get my ass kicked at least I will look good getting it kicked:)

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