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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

21 days until 24 hours of Adrenalin!!!

I have been feeling very excited lately knowing its only a few weeks away. I have been pushing real hard on the endurance and power workouts. I hope to secure a spot to the World Championships in October.

Monday was a light day. I was pretty tired from the weekend training but that is usually normal for me. I've noticed though that taking the recover ease products helps so much to bounce back from all the torture I endure on myself. I swam 2400 meters. 600 w/u, 4x150, 12x100 in the pool on Monday afternoon, then went home and ate a whole bunch of food.

Tuesday I felt great. Morning was a 30 minutes core and then a 1 hour run w/ 3x 15 minutes cruise intrvals. Then off to work. The afternoon workout was a nice suffer fest. 3 x20 minutes hard TT efforts on the road bike. Then I decided to do hill repeats, 4 of them. The hill is 1+ mile long and an average grade of 11%. I figure I was holding 310-330 watts for the efforts. My quickest time was 9:30 standing the whole way. The other three were in the low 10+ minute range. I felt tired but not wiped out.

Today my legs are tired. I managed a 30 min core and a 1 hour run. I took it real easy on the run. Then off to work.

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